Deloitte- first round interview experience


Had my first round Deloitte interview for consulting this month and recently heard that “regretfully…”

I found the Deloitte interview and the environment in which it was held (London office) very austere compared to that of its competitors. The building seemed stark and sparsely populated. It takes place in the lower ground floor that gives the impression of a high security prison. It’s all very insulated, quiet and clinical.

I was interviewed by a manager in his early thirties perhaps. He beamed confidence and sophistication, but made it clear that his personality was impenetrable. This, I found, was very particular to Deloitte, and elsewhere the tone has been a lot more casual, a lot more conversational.

I’ve been successful at this stage with some of Deloitte’s rivals. I’ve been going into interviews cheerfully and have talked exuberantly with my interviewers. Here I felt out of place. I felt guilty for being in high spirits, and left feeling that I should have concealed my personality, like my interviewer seemed to be doing with great intent.

The case study was fairly straight forward, but you should be familiar with jargon like outsourcing, back-office, streamlining. Just to set the scene, you do it with a handful of other candidates around a single large table under exam conditions. You are given questions to prepare answers for, the vast majority of which didn’t involve calculator tricks.

As wikijob indicates, the post-case study interview involves talking in depth about a few competency areas that you can read about on the Deloitte website. Make sure you’ve prepared two good anecdotes for each competency.

This is an interview where you’ll be grilled if you start giving half-baked answers. My advice would be to structure your answers in advance and rehearse them like a machine. It didn’t seem like the kind of interview that would look down on dialogue with a rehearsed feel to it.

As for my personal pitfalls, I think I could have shown better interest of Deloitte specifically. Like many people here I’ve sent out a tsunami of applications to the whole accountancy world and when I was asked to name some of Deloitte’s audit clients (note that I was applying for a consultancy position), I couldn’t. If I was going in for audit, it would have certainly been something I would have looked up, but I didn’t think it would be important in this context.

Disappointingly, feedback is apparently no longer offered for first-round failures in spite of what it says on their website, and so I don’t feel like I can advise you with too much authority, but this was my experience and these were my feelings.

Now, how does this compare with other people’s experiences?