deloitte First round 2012 experiences?


hi peeps!

I have a first round interview with deloitte for tax, and experiences would help by far!!! if anyone needs help with Etray or any of the stages before First interview, ill help!


I haven’t had an interview yet, so i cant help with that :confused: sorry, but i have my e-tray next week and was hoping you could help me out. Are there any tips you would give? (apart from the common one to move your taskbar to the left, which i’ll definitely do). How was it overall?

Also, what was the written exercise on? And how did you structure your answer?



Hi guys,

How did your e-trays go?

I have mine on Tuesday and have started panicking! Any advice you can give me? What was the e-tray on? Did it require you to do any numerical calculations?



Hey ad214 and ManchesterTax90, how did the e-tray exercises go? Hope you progressed to the next stage!


have an interview coming up! very scared


hey what service line you applying for felics?