Deloitte first interview consulting


Sarah, I sent you a private message regarding the 2nd round interview: if you look on the column on the right, you should see a “Private messages” section; just click on “inbox”.


I’m applying for Deloitte consulting too. It’s an actuarial role so I’m not sure of what kind of commercial knowledge I’m supposded to demonstrate.


Hey I’m going to a 1st interview in a couple of days. I’m applying for consulting in enterprise application. anyone had an experience in EA? Please let me know what was like the interview.


i’m applying in to the Technology Intergration consulting stream at deloitte.

Got my first interview soon. Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


I’m applying for an actuarial role. On the website their competencies are listed as

Achieving Goals
Commercial Awareness

Are these the correct ones to prepare for becuase the Deloitte wikipage says that in consulting you get tested on

Career Commitment

and the information suggests that the questions test other areas too like decision making, social interaction and presentation skills. I’m a bit confused, it’s a little much having to prepare for 9 or 10 competencies. Does anyone have a clearer idea or does it just depend on what they feel like asking on the day?


Hey guys,

I’m new to this forum stuff + was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a first round interview next week with Deloitte Consulting. My main concern is the case study - can anyone provide any details? Is it very numerical? Are you expected to make calculations? or is it more common sense stuff?

I’ve been doing a few practice ones online from various companies + they vary quite a lot.

Also, I read somewhere that they discuss the different consulting divisions with you - is this true? Do they expect you to know the divisions pretty well? I understand what most of them do but some are a bit confusing!

Any other advice would be great.

I’d appreciate your help :slight_smile:


I really appreciated all your comments. I have an invitation for the second stage - case study written exercise and preparation for case study interview - any tips - would be gratefully received