Deloitte first interview consulting



was wondering whether anybody had any words of advice for the first interview for Deloitte consulting?? I have my interview soon.



I’m about to sit the tests - could you please let me know how it goes? I asked a friend and she told me they ask questions like: Show two examples of when you were a leader/in a team/etc.

Good luck!!



I had my first round interview with Deloitte for consulting a couple of weeks ago. I am a law graduate so I was also a bit nervous about not coming from a business or economics background. Having gotten through the first round this isn’t something you need to worry about to much. The case study part of the interview involves reading through a project scenario that you may have to face if you were working on the job. This is around five pages long and is followed by a series of questions.

The one point I would make which caught me off guard is that you are put in a room with pen and paper and given 25 minutes for this part. This made me think that you had to submit written answers to the questions which is not the case. I spent far to long writing down full answers instead of thinking over all the questions and how I might answer them, although taking some notes might be useful.

In the first part of the interview (which lasts around an hour in total and will be one on one with a consultant) you will discuss the questions from the case study and maybe other aspects of it which weren’t specific questions but that the interviewer would like to quiz you on. I didn’t find this too demanding and the interviewer was really helpful in pointing me in the right direction when I was unsure about what he wanted to hear.

The remainder of the interview was of the standard competency question type, followed by some time to ask questions and talk a little more about the role. As I said, I was pretty nervous about the interview day and felt I would be out of my depth but found it quite laid back and enjoyable.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for that good luck with the next round!



I have a 1st round consultancy interview with deloitte in a couple of weeks (is that good enough time?- my 1st ever interview!)… can any one sort of explain how its laid out? What kind of competency questions are asked?

Thanks alot



You will be given a case study to read and be expected to answer questions orally on it. Just identify the main points - this is more a discussion to get your ideas on how you would deal with various situations.

Then you will be asked various competancy questions eg demonstrate a time you led a team etc.

good luck


oh ok thanks alot.

so the case study-i don’t have to write my answers or anything like that? coz i thot we have 25 minutes, to read the case study and answer the questions… does that mean i have 25 mins to read n make a note of any points i want to say orally after the 25 mins?

thanks again.



yeah you discuss the questions with the interviewer - you don’t have to hand in any written work but you might find it handy to take some notes (you will have to hand in your notes but only so you don’t give them to someone else who has an interview after you).



Eoin have you had your second round yet? I am next week - think it may be a bit more demanding than the first round!!!

Have you heard anything about it from anyone else? Do you reckon the interview questions will be more of the same?



PS I am a law grad to so I know what you mean - I have no idea about commercial stuff really!


Yeah i’ve got mine on monday. The thing I’m worried about is the presentation as obviously there is going to be hardly any time to prepare it. Group work is always weird at interviews as everyone is so eager to talk making it hard to strike a balance between being involved/showing leadership skills and not being too assertive. I think the partner interview will be much the same as the first round competency, at least this is what my first interviewer hinted. He also suggested trying to use different examples for the competency questions than at the first interview as the partner will have an idea of your answers from the first round.


How was the final day? I have mine tomorrow. Was the sompetancy interview the same sort of thing?

How did your presentation go?


It was all pretty tough to be honest, try and keep the presentation simple would be my advice, unless you’re really confident about going into real depth on the issues. Group task was fine. The written exercise was also ok but watch your time. The partner interview and the second part of the presentation involves more competency questions - i felt there was a lot of overlap between the three interviews (first round + partner + presentation) so maybe try and vary your answers if you get asked the same questions. I think I struggled to do that.

Good Luck!


Hi Eoin and Sallyanne,

I’m also a law graduate! I’ve got through the first round interview for Consulting, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the second round? What was the written exercise, how long did you have for it? Also could you tell me a bit more about the presentation?

Thanks, any help would be amazing.


Likewise, I just got a call today to say im through to an assessement day next week and i was wondering about the written exercise as well. Is it something that requires any previous knowledge (i.e. them asking you about whats the benefits of paying for a tv license to watch the BBC etc. ) or is it just something completely random that most people should be able to grasp the concept of.
Also Sarah0729 when’s your assessment day booked for?


you dont need any previous knowledge just common sense really. As long as you dont panic you will be fine. They give you information and you write a brief on it.

you spend an hour writing your brief, and an hour preparing your presentation, make sure you stick to that.

my partner interview was discussing a business situation more than competancy - but this will depend on who interviews you as some didnt really get asked many questions at all, a favorite question seemed to be how much does the london eye make a year, these sorts of questions are just to show you dont panic and you can think of a logical way of guesstimating it.

My presentation was absolutely fine, fairly simple - dont get too bogged down in trying to make it perfect just pick a few points and concentrate on that.

Above all keep smiling and calm - they may try to rattle you to see how you react to pressure. (I had a nasty partner interview and so thought I had not been successful but they offered me the job). They expect a basic level of commercial awareness - but they dont expect you to know hoe to do the job - that is what they are going to train you to do.

ALso with the team exercise try to be yourself, people who are a bit more relaxed tend to do better than those obviously putting on a show.



It’s on Wednesday morning.


how long did you get your first interview since submitting the application form?


Not sure if you’re interested in my case, but:

  • I submitted the application during the night
  • The morning after was invited to the online numerical test
  • Got an invitation to the verbal test 2 days after completing the numerical one
  • Was invited to the 1st interview 4 days after completing the verbal one
  • Was invited to the 2nd interview 1 day after 1st one.

you have a PM


Mine has also been really quick.

Flying_pig…what do you mean I have a PM?