Deloitte First Interview Case Study Help!


I was wondering what kind of questions they ask in their first interview?

I don’t mean the competency based questions, but the case study.

Do you have to do some calculations? What information do they ask?

Really looking forward to your answers! Thanks!


Hi there

I’ve not been through the Deloitte assessment process myself, but until someone who has gets back to you, I figure this may be a useful article:

Good luck!


Hi there,

Have you had your interview?
If so, hope that it went well and I wondered if you could tell me more about the case study!?


Hi!! I applied for the audit position. It’s a case study about a retail business in Uk. They are thinking to move their shops to America/China. They ask you your opinion about the subject. So read about the retail industry in those countries. Also, they ask what whether it’s good to relocate their headquarters from London to Milton Keynes. Yes you should do some calculations. U have to find the increase/decrease in sales, profit in percentages. They ask u the question: what patterns do u see.