Deloitte First Interview and Partner Interview 2017 (UK)


I have recently been invited to both the first interview and partner interview for deloitte. I’ve been reading alot of the wikijobs forums in regards to the questions they could ask. Does anyone know if these questions are accurate? Also i have been told i will be given a case study as part of the first interview, can anyone explain what that will entail?

For the partner interview i have been given the presentation topic of: “Our achievements at Deloitte are underpinned by an absolute commitment to quality. The pursuit of quality should be the number one priority of the firm’s Audit and Advisory services. Discuss.” has anyone done this presentation before, that could give me any points/ideas about what to include.

Any information would be extremely helpful.



Hi, could you give me some points regarding this topic? Thanks a lot!


Hi if you don’t mind can you share what your presentation was about?