Deloitte First Interview - 2011 Entry


Hey guys,

I was just wondering whether anyone has had a 2011 entry Deloitte First interview, as Ive never been to one before, and would welcome any experiences from other people, for instance how long is it? what type of questions were asked? I am slightly worried and nervous with what to expect, any help would be appreciated.



I am looking to apply. Have you already completed online aptitude test?


Have you already completed an online test? When did you submit your appliation?


Hello tahirsplace,

yes i have completed these tests, and had my telephone interview this morning, so am looking to get some info for the next stage. i submitted my app to deloitte around 2 weeks ago.


@mancman and @tahirsplace
Hey guys, I was wondering weather these jobs are also meant for marketing graduates? I am a student at the university of Aberdeen and will be graduating Jan’11. Could u pls guide me with this.



as long as u r interested in the service line Deloitte provides your degree background does not really matter… they take candidates from almost all backgrounds

hope that helped… i applied for Audit 2010 with a Bsc in business management


So have they informed you yet as to when your first round interview will be? I have been waiting for nearly 3 weeks! Found out I passed my telephone interview right away then apart from a questionnaire I was sent, haven’t heard anything.



well i did receive those two emails too regarding the success of the tel intervw & and questionnaire shortly after the interview yesterday, and i checked today and Ive received another email from the HR people at my chosen office, asking me to confirm whether I want to do public or core audit & whether I am free within the next two weeks, so I think you should give them a ring and ask them if they have any dates available as they have forgotten you.

hopes this helps mate! good luck, and any idea as to what the interview will be like?


they told me i had passed my online tests straight away and was through to the first round interview but they didn’t give me a date straight away. after waiting for about 2 weeks, they called me today to arrange an interview for monday…


@Inspiration: thanks a lot dude…it was really helpful.


hey mancman, was just wondering what kind of qs they asked u in the telephone interview? i have mine on thursday, and its for consultancy. i have no clue! lol ne advice?

thanks man


hello fdk786,

honestly dont worry too much, this was my first ever graduate scheme interview and i was as nervous as hell, but it wasnt that bad, recently (if you look at other posts in the deloitte telephone forum) theyve started to ask only two Qs but prepare a couple more JUST IN CASE.

was a female interviewer, very nice, explained format of interview and then only asked me two Qs,

Why Deloitte?
What will you be doing in your first year?

id prepare just in case, two other Qs …Time when you had to deliver a difficult message? and What are deloitte’s service lines ?



thanks man i appreciate it alot! il let u no how it goes by thursday!


Hey Inspiration,

I hope your interview went well, can i ask what competencies were you questioned on and what type of questions they asked?

any help is appreciated mate, thanks and hope you get through !!


Hi people,

I did the interview about a week ago and got through it, here were the questions I prepared for based on my research on Wikijobs. Most of them got asked so I was fully prepared :slight_smile:

What do you think you will be doing in your first year at Deloitte?

What do you think you will enjoy the most?

Name some clients of Deloitte.

Why have you applied to Deloitte?

Tell me about the work of professional services firms.

Tell me more about your service line.

Tell me something you have learnt about Deloitte from your research?

It’s a very short interview and I was asked only 3 or 4 questions. The HR people know what boxes they have to tick so they are quite terse, just be prepared (I had my answers all laid out in front of me in bullet point) and you’ll breeze through it. Good luck!


are u talking about telephone interview? coz they seem like the questions i was asked on the phone interview


hi mancman,

i was asked questions on communication, team work, presentation, commercial awareness, setting goals and how i reached it, planning and organisation, how i reacted to a stressful event

for some questions they deliberately asked for 2 examples… i’m a little scared coz i got a little stuck with the second example for goal setting… but she gave me an option to come back to the question after we finished the rest of the questions… so now nervously waiting for their reply :S


thanks for the post mate and wish you all the best!


Thanks for the advice mancman, I did call them but unfortunately did not gain much from the phonecall…he did not ask for my name and just told me to wait! :frowning: best of luck for the interview, hopefully I will get my date soon!


The Graduate Recruitment helpline has proved very below par from my experience in comparison to PwC’s. I find myself ringing 3-4 times to finally get someone who knows anything!

I received an email 2 weeks after passing my telephone interview inviting me to book an interview. It is a case of letting your graduate recruitment contact know when you are available and they then find an interviewer and time slot for you. I contacted them both over the phone and via email.

I have my 1st interview next week. INSPIRATION: Did you only get questioned on competencies or did you have the ‘why deloitte’ ‘why audit’ ‘what will you be doing 1st year’ questions as well? Any other info on the interview would be most appriciated.

Many tthanks and good luck!