Deloitte Finance consulting Offer from a humanitites (social sciences) background


Hi Guys
I have just received a finance consulting offer from Deloitte and I am from a psychology degree background. Never thought it would happen to me, I have applied for them 2 other times and the first time made it to the final interview and messed up and the second time only made it to first round interview.

I want to say if you really want to work somewhere dont give up keep persevering and keep working hard, get internships and as much work experience as you can.

These forums really helped me as someone who knew nothing about the world of finance so i want to pass on the baton so to speak. If you have any questions please feel free to ask


Congratulations for your success with Deloitte! I am on the final stage for Finance Consulting position as well and invited to Assessment Centre in a week time. I really appreciate if you could share with me your experience with e-tray and what were the business cases like. Many thanks in advance, LD


If you are just doing your e-tray you are not at the final stage you still have 3 more stages to go… It goes e-tray and if you pass that then you go in for a group exercise, case study and FIRST interview and If you pass that then you have you Final interview with presentation… so which is it you are at??