Deloitte final interview - presentation (would appreciate your opinion)


Hi people,

I have my final interview for risk consulting in a weeks time. The presentation (5mins) will be on a major fashion house that is starting to increase its use of the social media (Twitter and Facebook only). I need to identify the risks for the company. I have had no problem in coming up with a lot of broader issues such as cyber security (identity fraud through phishing, malware and personal details available on an employee’s Twitter/Fb account) and Legal & Regulatory issues, but was wondering if anyone could help me brainstorm any more industry specific issues?

I have been researching a lot but am unable to find any fashion industry specific risks of using Twitter and Facebook. The only real one I could think of was 3rd party consent could be a bigger problem with the amount of images (of celebrities as well as members of the public), who wear their clothing and accessories. Clearly I have much to discuss concerning the broader issues (which is probably all they expect), but I thought it would be more impressive if I could come up with a few industry specific risks.

Thank you