Deloitte: Final Assessment Day



Thought i’d write about my experiences of the Deloitte final assessment day as Ive been offered a job and have found this site really useful.

Firstly, all the candidates begin by having lunch (if you have yours in the morning this will be once you’ve finished) Use this as an opportunity to speak to the other candidates (learn their names, it’ll be useful for the group excerise). Also speak to other analysts that are actually doing the job, ask them for advice or just show interest in what they’re doing.

After this your brought into a meeting room and someone from HR gives you information about what to expect throughout the day. Basically you have 3 tasks to compelete in around 4 or 5 hours. They are a written excersise, partner interview, case study and another interview. You are told when these will be but it’s up to you to plan your time.

Case Study
This is similar to the 1st round but far more information and you are given broad areas to answere rather than 10 specific questions. Try pick out the key points (maybe 3 per question) and do your best to get a good grip of the overall problem. Following this you will present to a manger/director on your findings. Try and be confident and show a clear structure, they’re not looking for you to ‘crack the case’ but be clear in your thoughts. After this you then have to do a competency based interview, try and use different examples from your 1st round.

Partner Interview
I imagine this depends a lot on your partner, but is a really important part of the day. If your able to demonstrate to him/her that your an exceptional candidate even if your borderline in other areas they may be tempted to take you on if you impressed them. My advice would be to be as personable, mature and professional. They really want to see if they could work with you every-day, show them your personality. Also if they ask you something you don’t know tell them you don’t know the answer but dont leave it at that, give them a reason why or say that you realise you’ve got much mroe to learn.

Written Excerise
You are given a large amount fo information and asked to write a 2 page letter. Once again pick out the key points but the most important thing is to give them what they want. You could write the most wonderfully crafted letter with the greatest use of the English language but if it doesn’t answer the question its worthless. Really clarify in your own mind what the objectives are and maybe write a paragraph on each.

Group Excersie
This probably the easiest part of the day but it doesn’t mean you can relax as it’s probably the most important and will be the last thing they see so make a good impression. Ensure that you get invloved. If you find yourself assuming a leadership role that’s fine but don’t overpower people use it as an opportunity to ensure that the group is moving through the problem. Also your not in direct competition with each other (and its probably a good thing as some people there will be extremely clever, articulate and confident individuals) work with them to solve a problem. If someone has a good idea tell them.

Anyway I got a call the next day at about 4 o’clock from the partner that interviewed me. Try and have something to do to take your mind of it the next day as there’s nothign worse than waiting by the phone.

Good luck


tb86, Great post with some very good advice! Seems like quite a packed 1/2 day, but I think that is probably better than having it drawn out with tons of waiting time.

How many were at your assessment centre? You have a first interview prior to this at Deloitte don’t you?
Congrats on the offer with competition very high this year. Ucayman.


I have a final assessment day coming up next week with Deloitte, and was wondering if you could expand on the Partner interview- do they ask questions which go into depth on your chosen line of industry (I have applied for Strategy), and questions on Deloitte itself and it’s competitors, or is it structured more like a competency based interview?
Many thanks



I have first round of interview with Deloitte (London) - Consulting TI next week.
It’s 1hr interview. Can someone please help with the questions to prepare? It’s for experienced hire position.

Plese help ASAP!!! Will it involve any case study???