Deloitte final assessment day


Hello all!!

Basically need some help for the final assessment day which i have coming up because i really want this job.

Has anyone done it yet this year??

As i understand there is an e-tray test? I have read a bit about it and was just wondering if there is any way i can prepare for the second part - i.e. the takeover suggestions. Is the material always the same and would it be a good idea to to research the pro’s and con’s of internet companies etc??

Also the partner interview - from what ive read they seem to vary somewhat. Someone told me that i need to have a very good knowledge of SOX and accounting regulations in general. Do i also need to know a bit about their clients etc.??

Help would be much much appreciated…

Thanks all!!!


I had my assessment centre last month and got an offer for Enterprise Risk Services. The takeover is basically a choice of 3 companies, where you can only takeover one. they all have their pros and cons and any one is acceptable - make sure you can justify your decision.

with regards to partner interview, some may be more demanding than others. in my partner interview he just asked about my life and what will i be doing in the role - no commercial awareness at all. but i think each one is different so be prepared.


yeah one is a book company, another is mixed book (50%) and internet (50%) another is catalogue i think. each have pros and cons, think of the firms culture and stuff, and make notes from section before. also, in the multiple choice part there was a question on who you would contact if you needed documents or research of something. theres a company database which tells you who you need to contact so refer to that ( i didn’t). also, another bit of advice is take your time, i tended to rush a bit to much. overall the e-tray is fairly easy.


guys, how long do you have to wait before Deloitte invites you to the AC after the 1st round interview? is it a short time notice? and is freddie correct that during the partner interview applicants must have very good knowledge of SOX and accounting regulation in general??




I am going in for the “ERST - Assurance” Assessment Centre in a couple of weeks… Could you fill me in on the e-tray exercise and what exactly is asked ? Unfortunately, I’ve never done an e-tray before although I’ve given numerous interviews for graduate jobs and my industrial placement two years back! Also, what is the partner interview like ? My first round interview was really friendly but very “to the point” and grilling…

Any advice/suggestion/information would be really helpful !

Thanks! :slight_smile: