Deloitte Final Asessment Centre


hey everyone, I have my final assesment centre for a professional services internship on friday…have been told to expect an e-tray, lunch and an interview with a manager. Just wondered if anyone could help me with a couple of questions…

1)E-tray written exercise…am i given all the information i need to complete the written exercise? or do i need to use my economics knowledge and information given to me in the first stage ( if so is it given to me for use in the written exercise?)
2)Is the interview competency based? or more on career motivation…commercial awareness as well as the interviewer trying to get to know you better as a person…?

A Quick reply would be most greatly appreciated!



mine is on monday. Anybody had it already? Help would be much appreciated


lol i would have helped you after mine but they postponed mine cos my manager that was going to interview me isnt available! very unprofessional i feel that im going to have to wait a long time!


the same thing happened to me aswell! No idea when it is now!


They have called me today to re-arrange and i now have my assessment centre in 2 weeks. Has anybody else had it already? i am applying for re-organizational services and am wondering whether there are lots of commercial awareness questions seeing as they didnt ask me any in the first round interview. Also any other tips for partner interview and e-tray would be great!


hey mate…had mine on monday…got offered the internship for professional service yday so :slight_smile: :slight_smile: erm tbh im not sure what they ask for your scheme but for me…it was two examples for each question and the q’s were frm the deloitte page on wikijobs tbh…erm not alot of commercial awareness for me but i added in about how much i knew bout current financial situation by asking a q bou deloitte and the recession at the end…e-tray…straight forward…i finished with hlf hour to go…all the info u need is there mate


thats only coz nik is a massive geek though :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t even finish my etray exercise I found it really time pressured!!

I’d say for e-tray work pretty quickly. Dont dwindle about on trying to remember all the details at the start, just make sure you know where to find all the information (in which folder) for when you get an email question on it.

The written exercise is really straight forward. Just watch the clock again. don’t need any prior knowledge and there is no right answer for it so just make your mind up early on and get on with justifying it!!

Partner interview was pretty easy. Was 20 mins about my written exercise and justifying my choice. then 3 competency questions (on a challenge, adaptability and conflict with someone), then one questions on commercial awareness (tell me something in the news that has interested you). I just spoke about Dubai for a bit, but was very much a two way conversation discussing how it arose and why it took so long to hit the headlines and why lenders didnt realise earlier on etc. Then the standard why deloitte, why audit, tell me about ACA exam. Then I asked her some questions and that was that. Done!


emilyyy…you heard a decision yettttt?? x


Thanks Emily and Nik! Really useful. Really want the job and all the info reallly helped!
Emily - can u expand a bit more on the partner questions please?
Also Nik - i think your interview might be different because the two example thing was what i had in my first interview, but maybe that is because mine is for a graduate job and yours is internship?