Deloitte Face to Face interview


Hey guys,

I got a partner interview coming up for the summer vacation program and wanted to know what sorts of questions should I prepare myself with and also any tips on preparations.

Specifically need help with how to prepare the questions: Why Deloitte and how is it better than the big 4? and Why Audit?

Thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:


@blink2662 i have an interview with deloitte for a summer vacation programme coming up too. have you had yours already? i thought the svs interviews were not with partners, but trained interviewers?



@ishnpat4lyf nope I still havenโ€™t had my interview
Is it? I thought it was a partner interview, I could be wrong


it isnt with a partner, it will be with a manager from your department mate. ive just had mine if youve got any questions?