Deloitte - ERS Walk Through Guide


I have been offered for a post in ERS this month and found that the information on here is very useful. So I would like to share my personal experience during the whole process and hope that will helpful :slight_smile:

Stage 1: Online Application

I have spent more than a month working just on the online application form. One of the tips for writing the three career motivation questions is to search thoroughly on their web site and make sure you know what you will be doing and the core activity of the service line. For the first question about why you are interested in joining Deloitte, make sure the points you are addressing really make you stand out.

The rest of the application is just filling in the GCE and GCSE grades as well the work experience that you have had and this should be straight forward.

Stage 2: Numerical Test and Verbal Test

After submitting the online application form, I received an email for the numerical test invitation. To fully prepare the test, I have bought a pack of exercise and work on it [[]] It is very useful instead and to build up my confident towards the test. The test is about GCSE standard. However, you should keep an eye on the timer to avoid missing out questions at the end.

After 3 days, I was told that I passed my numerical test and was invited to the verbal test. Again, be aware of the time spend on each question and personally I found that the questions sometimes are quite confusing but I am sure enough practice would certainly help :wink:

Stage 4: E-Tray Exercise

Soon after the verbal test, about 3 days later, I received an invitation email for the E-tray exercise. As for the previous post in this forum, the exercise consist of two parts: Email inbox exercise and written exercise. For the email inbox exercise, when I sat in front of the PC, I first pull the tool bar to the side (this helps you to visualise the file in an easier way). In the exercise, you will be given all the essential information. I opened all the folder and emails and kept the attachment on the task bar. As the same time, I marked down on the paper the description of the attachment such that I can re-open any of the attachment in a quicker way. There are some basic calculations in the exercise (no calculator is needed! Just simple addition and subtraction!). Also, there will be some decision making exercise. Some are quite straight forward and some are a bit confusing. As such, be sure you have a clear mind when doing this. Initially, there will be 5 emails in your inbox. However, you will end up replying more than 25 emails. At the end, some emails were not require an answer which was a good thing. You will have 30 minutes in completing this exercise.

The second part of the exercise began after a 10 mins. short break. You will be given information about three companies and you are working for Trafford Lea and have to choose one company for acquisition. You will have 40 mins to compose an email to your senior manager and tell him your choice. I was rushing to end my email and did not have any time to check my grammar. So be sure you do not have any typos when you type the reply. I have written about 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph was introduction and briefly saying which one I would choose. The next three paragraph was about the three potential company followed by the last paragraph as the conclusion and summarise all the main points. Sign of your email with “Kind regards” would give you a good impression (I saw someone got a typo saying “King Rgards” :-O)

Stage 5: First Interview

Deloitte replied me within three working days and told me that I have passed the E-tray. The first interview lasted about 1 hour (although mine last only 45 mins and I had a good chat with the manager afterwards). The interview was not only about competencies but also consisted of some case studies and scenario at the beginning. I do not really know the actual answer towards those scenario (for example how to search a particle data within millions of data). However, I guessed the interviewer was trying to see how you think and how you react. Afterwards, the interviewer asked me a few competencies including 1) Time when you do a presentation 2) Time you have achieved a goal 3) Time when you organised something 4) Time when you have to work under pressure 5) Team work 6) Time when you persuade someone 7) Why Deloitte? 8) What is the core activity of the service line? 9) Why ERS?

Afterwards, the interviewer looked through my application (So be sure you have read that inside out before you go to the interview!!). He asked me why I choose ERS (as my degree is completely not related to maths and data). He also asked questions about the clubs and society that I have joined. An advice for the interview will be: Claim down and relax. Try to smile more and be confident. Imagine the manager is very busy everyday and he is willing to spend some time talking to you. So obvious they are not trying to trick you but to see how far you can go.

Stage 6: Partner Interview

Shortly after the first interview (about 3 days later?), I have received a phone call from the service line and told me that I passed. I was given a topic about a client who was trying to offer me some gift in order to change the data on the report. I like it to be straight forward. I have summarised my main points on a point power and printed that out as notes for the partner while I was presenting (no projector was allowed!). I remembered all the key points by heart to make myself stand out a bit (personally, I do not think looking at cards really can make you stand out). Afterwards, the partner challenged some of my ideas by asking me whether the corruption issue has become worse compare to 10 years ago and he tried to ask deep down the topic. So be prepare of all sorts of possible questions. Later on, he asked me about my view towards the Barclays scandals. I have researched the topic thoroughly and be able to explain what happen to him from the very beginning and of course, he has asked me questions regarding on this issue.

He then started to read through the application form again and ask me to tell him three good things that I have had and would benefit Deloitte and three things that I would need improvement. I was so surprised that this questions really do come up. Also, he asked me how I see myself in 5 years time, which should be straight forward.

The last advice for the partner interview is: try to be confident, smile more and to be formal (try not to joke). Be enthusiastic about the job, making the partner to feel that you are very eager to learn. The interview lasted for 35 mins and at the end, the partner offered me the job straight away.

I hope that this info would help :smiley: If you guys got any questions, feel free to ask or pm me and good luck! :smiley:


Hi buheatsu! Thanks for the post!! I have a partner interview coming up soon and I was wondering if you could share what competency questions you were asked at the final interview?


Hi Froo!

My partner interview did not have any competencies at all which I think it was a bit weird. However, the partner did ask me some typical questions for example how do you see yourself in five years … etc. When I was preparing for my first interview, I have created a pdf file containing all the possible competencies and highlighted all the questions that were being asked after the first interview. This surely give you an idea which area of competency would come out :slight_smile: The partner interview was less structured. They do not have a mark sheet for this (like what you have in 1st interview). So any questions can come up basically and make sure you read recent articles!


Hi buheatsu,

Congrats for yr offer,

I got an offer today for ERS Data Analytics,

May I ask you which service line are you joining?

Many thanks


My E-Tray is on next week and I am worried about it, because I am not a native speaker and my english is not good. Do you have any further advises for the written part, such as format and important points?


Hi Hrish!

I will be joining ERS - Data and is the same as yours! Well Done as well!


Hi zxh,

For the written exercise, I would suggest you to use bullet points rather than paragraphs as this can prevent spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes :smiley: I think I have covered the format of the written on the E-tray part on my first post :slight_smile:


Hi buheatsu,

I’ll be joining the london office n wat about u , london?


Thanks a lot, but I heard that the bullet points are not recommended in the written email part. Did you use the bullet points in your E-Tray?


Yay, i will be London as well!!!


I used paragraphs. However, in the partner interview, the partner told me i got quite a lot of typos. I guess the best way to avoid this is to use bullet points :wink:


Yeah, right. Thx a lot. And, the talking about any three typo or grammar mistake is an automatic failed is not true.


^When I went for the E-Tray, the lady from HR who was running it said that an more than three typos or spelling/grammatical mistakes was an automatic fail.


I am not so sure as I heard many people saying that more than 3 typo = auto fail… However, when I had my partner interview he told me that I have got some typo there :open_mouth: May be they have changed the system?


Hi buheatsu,
we will meet in september then,
i can’t wait to join deloitte,

Once again, congrats



Thanks Hrish! I am so so looking forward to tht too! Do you know when exactly is the start date?


The Director who did my interview told me its going to be mid september


Congrats Hrish and buheatsu !!

I will also be joining ERS Data in London this September. have you received the invite to graduate website?


welcome to the club ythi21,
Well done for the interviews, they gave the start date which is 14th sept.
I got the invitation to select my laptop so far and salary details.



Thanks Hrish!!