Deloitte ERS interview process



I have just received offers from PwC and Deloitte, and found this website really useful throughout the process, so i thought i’d share my experience of Deloitte and hope that someone else benefits from it.

For Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services - ERS - (which i accepted) there were 5 steps.

  1. Registration.
    This included all the obvious details and then 3 small questions answered in bullet point form in 100 words. These were 5 reasons why you’re interested in joining Deloitte, your understanding of the core activities of the service line you’ve applied to, and what you think you’ll be doing in your first year. These were fairly easy to answer if you’ve looked into the service line you’re applying for a bit.

  2. Online psychometric testing.
    Mathematical and verbal reasoning tests, websites like SHL can prepare you for these.

  3. E-tray day.
    This consisted of two parts, the E-tray exercise and a typed email.

The E-tray was about advising a book store chain, Trafford Lea, on their growth strategy. The scenario is that you have come back after 2 weeks holiday and are managing the project for a professional services firm such as Deloitte. I’d seen this before on this website, so went and looked at the Wikipedia page on Mergers & Acquisitions as a bit of background, but other than that i did maths and so had a fairly poor commercial awareness. This has a 40 min time limit which is very short for the amount of reading you have to do, so i skim-read the info you’ve been given and then referred back to it when i needed to (which was virtually every question). Basically the book company wants to expand and you face various issues to do with this. You have to choose one of 3 multiple choice options for each email in your inbox and more appear as you answer. There are 20 ish questions to get through. The questions are things like which strategy to choose, which distributor to use, who to contact on certain issues, which staff to assign to certain issues, and a couple of maths questions on where calculations went wrong. A lot of the time i was torn between 2 answers, but just went with my instinct as you don’t have time to spend ages on each. I finished with about a minute to go, but perhaps a third or half of the 18 people there didn’t seem to have completed it when the time ran out.

Next came the email response. You were given 3 options on which company Trafford Lea should acquire in order to expand and a lot of stats on them such as number of stores, number of different books, pricing system etc. One company focused on catalogue-based sales, one on internet sales and one on a mixture of traditional stores and internet sales. You have to write an email to the directors of trafford lea with a recommendation on which to acquire. This involves paragraphs on reasons to pick your choice, reasons its better than the others, potential risks, and ways of dealing with these. I picked the last option, and included a few reasons like the sector they know is traditional stores so its a less risky option, and also that internet sales are rising almost universally so its a good sector to go into.

  1. First interview.
    This was split into about 5 areas, with 1 or 2 examples for each. Most are fairly standard questions like ex of planning, ex of leadership, ex of teamwork, ex of time you’ve set goals/targets etc. Commercial awareness was about a business issue affecting Deloitte, so i talked about the referral of the audit market to the Office of Fair Trading, and Competition Commission, and he asked how Deloitte might react if the worst sanctions such as having to give half their clients to smaller companies, given that Deloitte wouldn’t want to sack half their staff. My answer was basically that they might concentrate on more complex areas requiring more time and effort, such as tax planning or financial advisory work. I think they were just looking for a thought process behind the answer so i just reasoned out loud, though it wasn’t a very in depth answer. The other point was that i’d applied to an office in the south despite growing up and going to uni in the north, so why did i choose this office. He pressed really hard on this question, but i stuck with my reasons and just kept explaining them.

  2. Final interview.
    This was with a partner, and started with a 5 min presentation. My topic was that i was auditing a small client and had written a report highlighting a lot of quite risky issues. The owner of the company was trying to persuade me that the issues raised weren’t that important and was offering me a holiday of his private yacht before the report was issued. I didn’t like this topic as my arguments could be summed up in about 20 seconds, ie that you shouldn’t take the offer and that there are the risks of intimidation, familiarity and self-interest (taken from the ICAS code of ethics). I delivered about half of it and stopped to have a drink at which point the partner started asking questions, so i spent the rest of the interview wondering if i’d messed the presentation up completely and if he thought i’d finished or forgotten the presentation. But since i said don’t take the offer, he asked whether Deloitte taking clients to the Olympics was any different which was interesting. My main argument was that its a question of scale, and how it looks to a neutral observer from outside. The rest of the interview consisted of 3 areas. Challenges, career motivation and commercial awarenes. For awareness he asked me about a recent piece of business news that i’d seen. I’d been reading the economist since the start of the process (which i’d massively recommend!!) and talked about an article i’d seen about the decline of nokia. He asked whether apple might similarly decline, and i said i didn’t think so for various reasons. The whole interview was far less structured than previous ones, and i quite enjoyed discussing the questions he’d raised.

Hope this helps, its turned out quite a lot longer than expected. I’ll try to answer questions if i’ve anything useful to say on them.


Hi Ridge88,

First of all CONGRATS, you should be really proud of yourself for getting through both application processes!

You have provided a fantastic insight into the application process for Deloitte! I have just scheduled my E-tray day for next week and had a few questions you may be able to help me with.

I’m not great at Maths and was wondering what sort of calculations were involved in the E-tray exercise. Are they simple, or do they require you to work out percentages etc?

When you completed the written exercise, what sort of advantages and disadvantages did you include about the companies? For example disadvantages of acquiring the internet-based sales store?

And finally, when I have researched the forums, a lot of people tend to mention moving the task bar to the left. Did you do this, if so, did it help?

Thank you so much for any help you can give. I appreciate it!!



I actually did maths at uni, but it wasn’t hard maths, just a bit confusing given the time limit and the amount of info you’re trying to process at the time. I think it was to do with where a calculation had gone wrong about wages. So you had to just multiply a few different hourly wages with numbers of hours worked and then find the difference, something along those lines. You’ve got a pad of paper too for working.

They were pretty basic reasons, as my commercial awareness is pretty poor - things like that they might lack expertise when going into a new type of market if they’re used to traditional sales. I would focus on the structure, make sure you have a short intro and clear sections, since you have so little time you can’t go into much depth with the reasons themselves.

I didn’t move it, but not for any reason, just didn’t occur to me. My screen was a mess though, kept having just to click on documents until i found the right one, so i’m not the right person to ask about that!

Good luck, i’m sure you’ll be fine, just remember you have so little time, so just keep an eye on how long you have left and how much you’ve done.


Thanks for the quick response! You’ve been very helpful. Fingers crossed I pass, I would love to receive a job offer from Deloitte!


Hi ridge88,

Congratz on your offers and thank you for providing such completed details about the ERS Recruitment process.

I will have my partner interview tomorrow and would like to ask you something about it. From your post above you said that the interview covered 3 areas: challenges, career motivation and commercial awareness. What kind of questions did you get for the challenges area?

And how long was your partner interview? The HR told me it will take around one and a half hour, which I think it’s quite long for it. What else do you think I need to prepare before going for the interview?


Hi Ridge88,

Congrats on yr offer. I would like to ask you about the starting salary of the ERS consultant at Deloitte.

Many thanks,


hi ridge and Hrish
recently been made an offer from del (ERS)and the salary they are offering is the same as that it was last year for the same service line??? can someone please advise do they negotiate or not??has anyone had such experience? is everyone’s salary the same as that it was last year or not??also what figure are they quoting to different people? (just to get a rough idea…cause i feel they are giving less to me).please advise…i have to accept or decline in 5 days…!!!


is the salary around 28K??


Hi guy’s, exempt from preparing CBI questions is there anything else that can be done for the first interview?

Also in terms of commercial awareness questions, how would it be best to approach this… is it sufficient to have a working knowledge of current events related to Deloitte?


I would like to ask what exact ERS people doing for their jobs, cheers.


Hi guys,

Has anbody applied for ERS - Testing, London? If so, how was the interview process?