Deloitte - Entrepreneurial Business - Final Stage


Hi all

I have an assessment day with Deloitte for EB this month. This year, from my understanding, the commercial awareness competency will be covered by the partner. Does anyone have any useful experiences from a Deloitte partner interview, an EB interview or any commercial awareness tips or topics for entrepreneurial business.

Though I have a brief overview of commercial ares on audit, Im struggling to find anything substantial on Entrepreneurial business i.e sme companies.

Any tips would be much appreciated.



Hi there,

I was wondering if u could help me!
I have my first interview with Deloitte next week in Entrepreneurial Business.
I am sooo confused as to what i will actually be doing in this role???
Because on the deloitte website, they have listed EB under the Audit service line.
However when you click on the description of EB, it says nothing about doing audit!!
Will i be auditing EB’s?

Another question is about how Deloitte says they give a personal service to EB’s, having one point of contact to co-ordinate all the different services deloitte can offer them.
Would i be this point of contact? or will i just be one of the people working in the audit section for EB’s??
As u can see i am rather confused!
Any help would be great!!
Thank you!



I havent started the role, but form my interview research, I can say as follows :

EB is a branch in the Audit field. Alot of the job is to audit Small Medium Enterprises. In EB compared to traditional Audit, you will have more responsibility i.e you will be in direct contact with the financial director or head of the company. Sometimes, the EB staff help out with traditional Audit, if the Audit people need a hand.

Also, in EB, you will be advising companies on growth, exit strategies, diversification and general business stuff. Think of EB as a one stop shop service for SME firms.

The first interview like most will be very rigid and time pressured, there will be x amount of questions to answer in 1 hour. In my interview these were all the competencies bar the commercial awareness.

The second interview was alot more relaxed and natural. The partner that interviewed me did not write a single word on his pad. All he asked me was “so, tell me your story”. So i started from my town, to A levels, Degree, work experience. I justified all my decisions i.e subjects, work experience and related it to EB. The partner at times started conversations about a certain point I had mentioned and constantly tried to see if I had made an informed decision. Ultimately, what I gauged was that the partner was trying to see if you would fit into the team, nothing more, nothing less. I appreciate, not every partner might be like this.

I would advise reading the trainee profile on the deloitte website. The deloitte website is brilliant in answering your queries. it gives you a daily breakdown of an EB trainees day.

I have had a few interviews and have come to learn one invaluable thing, always be prepared and ultimately the outcome will depend on more than just your capability and competencies; Luck will always have a bigger role to play. Sometimes, I have given amazing interviews, but the interviewer was a bit hard, sometimes, my interviews were average but the interview chemistry was brilliant.

Good luck


Thank you so much for getting back to me about it!
Thats a really useful point you made about being given more responsibility!
I am struggling to think of points that are currently affecting auditing EB’s.
Do you know of any?!
Thanks you!


Not sure if you have had your AC but for future readers, be wary that your commercial awareness should be linked towards whatever you’re applying for. I applied for ERS and had not specifically thought of a business issue that would affect the technology side of Deloitte. Think of a practical news article perhaps about the impact of the recession on small businesses and think of the wider implications. If you can show good knowledge and a coverage of how it can impact the company then you’ll be fine.


Hi guys

Just in the process of completing the application form…ive been rejected from some of the big firm already so I need some tips on how to stand out on the application stage…

The deloitte app doesnt leave much room to show that your different so what kind of things did you guys put

Its the entreprenurial business I am applying for so any inside info that could use etc would be amazing

Hope you can be of help




Just make sure you sound like you have a genuine interest in auditing/EB and want to pursue a career in it. Give an example of what is perhaps interesting to you. Read testimonials and more about the role of an auditor to gain an insight into what you would be doing on a daily basis. And make sure you recognise what is good about Deloitte and how they are different - perhaps it may be such things like they have massive clients (give examples) that you would love the opportunity to work with or perhaps it may be because you see their corporate social activities as beneficial. They just want evidence you do actually want the job and have researched it well.