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Hey Guys
I was wondering if anyone knew the Deloitte format for the e-tray exercise. I have heard lots of different sources explaining it differently, whereas the KPMG one is pretty straightforward (format wise) and hasn’t changed in almost 3 years. I would like someone to shed some more light on it and the general format of the assessment centre, i.e. the interview about the e tray afterwards
Thanks for your help!



The Deloitte e-tray is very straightforward (someone at the assessment centre with me said it was almost identical format-wise to the KPMG one) It hasn’t changed for a few years I don’t think, there is some information about it on the Deloitte website. The practice one on the Civil service fast track website should give you a good idea. The interview afterwards was just outlining why you had chosen the company for acquisition. I was asked about the issues of merging 2 businesses, so maybe read up on this. The rest of the time I was chatting about sport and my interests, but as is always said on these forums, you don’t know what your partner is going to ask until he/she asks it, it is not a structured interview in the same way that many first interviews are.

Good luck.


good question sanam. I was wondering the same thing !


Any suggestions as to how we should structure the written exercise?

Also, will the Partner have the opportunity to read over our written exercise?




Yeah the partner will have read through what you wrote so will know why you suggested the firm for takeover etc. You have a chance to make notes to take in with you though so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything etc.


Hello breadhead,

Many thanks for your kind reply. I was worried that the partner might not have a clue of what I’ve written for the exercise and thought I had to remember everything.

If you don’t mind me asking further questions, do you know:

  1. How long exactly do I have for the written exercise? I’ve read on other threads that I’ll have 50 minutes for the exercise. So does this include the time you spend on reading the information, writing the email and also making notes on a piece of paper?

  2. What about the first part of the E-Tray exercise (replying a sequence of e-mails)? How much time will we be given?

Thank you very much in advance for your help! I’m sure it’ll be useful for others to know as well.



O.K. well, the e-tray exercise is all based on the same topic, so the company information you get in the 2nd part will not all be new information. I think 50 minutes is right for the second part, but I cant honestly remember how long we got for the first part, could be an hour (people have noted how long each part is in other threads, so check there, nothing has changed).

You need to plan your time so that you can read what you need, write the email and then make notes. Having good notes is an advantage as you have a better chance of having the information you need to answer the partners questions.

Good luck.


Appreciate your reply mate.

Will give it my best!


hey…anyone that has been to the final assesment centre…i have my final assesment centre for a professional services internship on friday…have been told to expect an e-tray, lunch and an interview with a manager.

1)E-tray written exercise…am i given all the information i need to complete the written exercise? or do i need to use my economics knowledge and information given to me in the first stage ( if so is it given to me for use in the written exercise?)
2)Is the interview competency based? or more on career motivation…commercial awareness as well as the interviewer trying to get to know you better as a person…?

Quick reply would be most greatly appreciated!



Hi everyone,
I’ll have my assesment day in january. I go for a position in BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (stream of Information Management and Integration) to be a Consultant (not an analyst).
I would like to ask if this is changing things. I read a lot over the assesment and I’m quite confident, I would like to know if there is something specific for the BI or for the consultant level, and also what could be the salary/benefits for this position. I’m italian so I don’t know the average over there.

Thanks in advance


Hi all,

I was wondering, has anyone recently done a Deloitte E-Tray exercise? I notice everyone has mentioned “final assessment day” but I’m actually attending a e-tray exercise as Stage 3 of my whole application (the whole process has five stages)

so has anyone done it and does anyone have any tips?

Anything is really really appreciated!




I had my Deloitte e-tray exercise on Tuesday 25th October.

There are some good threads on wiki if you search it and I followed one of them and didn’t find it to be as difficult as I expected. Also the civil service practice e-tray exercise (google it to find it) gives you a good idea of the style but is more difficult than the Deloitte one.

After entering the room, we sat at a laptop each and after being giving the background info on the fictional company and explaining what your role is, you have 1 hour to read all of the information emails and answer all of the emails in your inbox. You begin with 7 but by the end of the hour, you will have received 28. Only 21 need responses though, the last 7 are information only.

I took the advice of someone on wiki by moving the toolbar to the left hand side, making it wider then opening every information email in the order they’re on the screen and using the paper you’re given to write a few words about what is basically in each tab. This way when I needed to find some info, I could just consult my paper and see which tab I could find it in in my own words. I managed to finish with 20 minutes to spare using this method so definitely worth it as most of the time wasted will be from clicking from the inbox to the information emails and back. Also a lot of the emails have nothing significant to say but the attachment does. So open the attachment, leave it open and close the email.

After a 25 minute break, you begin task 2 which consists of 1 email containing 2 attachments. These attachments contain lots of comparable info about 3 companies and you have to decide which company you recommend buying. Each company has different advantages over the other 2 so I would guess that you can choose any to recommend as long as you make a few clear reasons as to why. I picked the one that was cheapest to purchase, had the best customer satisfaction rating, and best profit in relation to revenue generated.

There is no oral presentation of your choice any more. I think that’s been removed this year.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask questions.


Thanks so much for that, I do actually have a few questions if you dont mind me asking.

I have read somewhere else about this idea of “moving the toolbar to the left” and I am rather confused as what this is supposed to mean. I’m comfortable with IT so I think this problem is more of a lack of understanding on my part, so perhaps by asking some more questions I can clear this up.

Firstly, what is the operating system of the computer?
When you mention “move the toolbar” do you actually mean the Start Bar of any Windows system? What do you mean by toolbar?
Also, what programme did you use to look at the e-mails? Was it something like Outlook? Sorry, I just really don’t understand what this “moving the toolbar” statement means and how is this supposed to save time?

Also, you mention “opening every email”, do you mean say right-clicking on an email and then selecting open in a new tab? So, as soon as I see these e-mails I should open them all in new tabs?

Sorry if these questions are long and repetitive, I just don’t understand what people mean when they say pull the toolbar to the left :frowning: What is the toolbar? I thought it was either the Start bar, or the Bar on top of any internet browsing programe that says File, Open, Help… etc… but how is that related to an email system?

So as I read every e-mail you’d recommend to make some notes on the e-mails on a pad of paper…? Would you recommend reading all the e-mails first before answering them? Because you mention that more come into your inbox as time goes by so presumably I’m supposed to answer every email as I read it? Or does information in other emails relate to previous email questions? By that idea though, you don’t end up answering any e-mails really do you…? … Can you answer every e-mail using the information in that email alone? : /

Sorry I’m really nervous about this whole e-tray exercise… I’ve never done any, i’ll be sure to look up that other civil service example you suggest and give it a go…

I seriously appreciate you replying to this thread I posted on and I’d be so grateful if you could reply to my questions above… maybe you’ll be able to help me understand what this “move the toolbar” idea is…

seriously, thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon both answering my questions and also to hear that you’ve progressed to the next stage!!


@ Inceptum : Are you serious? The windows taskbar. It’s not so complicated! You’ll see when you get there.


I found out this afternoon that I’ve passed and have got a interview next.

Yeah I meant the taskbar which is the bar across the bottom of a windows operating system (which is what they use). Try moving it across now if you use windows. Just click on any part of it and drag it to the side. If it doesn’t move, try right clicking and make sure “lock the taskbar” is unchecked. Moving it saves time because you will have all the information you need already open and so will just have to click on the taskbar to get to it rather than go back to the mainpage to reopen attachments etc. They don’t use outlook but they use a inbox that looks just like the civil service one. You wouldn’t have seen it before but it’s straightforward and you can’t open tabs. Just double click left button to open each information text.

In terms of emails, I probably used the wrong word which may been misleading. Instead of information email, I meant information text documents which are separate from the inbox. Open each of them and make one line of notes on what is contained in each. Then when it comes to the emails, begin at the bottom and open each one in turn and answer it by referring to the information documents before you move on. Then the new emails will differ depending on your answer to previous emails so be sure to remain consistent with your answers and opinions.


Ahh right ok, got it, well this may seem like an odd point to make but what good does dragging the taskbar to the left do? Is it because if it remains as is it crams all the documents or something (?)

ok u meant keep all the attachments open, got it.

With each email, can you technically answer the question posed with the information in the email and the document attached, or do you have to refer to a email that follows? I can totally understand refering to a previous email (hence why you would suggest leaving all attachments open)

Good point about consistency, guess ill jot down my answers as i move along too.

I think I just got a little nervous when I heard about this whole “E-Tray” thing. Seems most people are saying not to be nervous or anything…

Are the questions at all challenging in the sense that serious business knowledge may be required or is it more about decision making skills?

May I also ask, was the Case study you were questioned on about T.Lea ?

Many thanks for the reply, sorry if my initial post was long…

And serious congratulations to you for passing to the next stage!! :slight_smile: best of luck to you there


No it’s just a lot easier to read the name of each document you’ve opened. You’ll notice that if you open them all when it’s still on the bottom, it eventually groups them all into 1 item. And you can’t read much of the description.

Yeah you’ll have to answer it using a few documents and the email in question at most.

No real business knowledge is required, just common sense and ability to answer questions based on a passage or two of text and possibly some charts or basic calculations.

The whole exercise is based on what they tell you on their site, they’re not trying to mislead you there. You work for GDT group who are doing this work for Trafford Lea.

Yeah thanks, hopefully the interview will go as well as the e tray!


Hi everyone,

I have an E-tray at Deloitte on the 21st of Feb. I am quite nervous. I would be grateful if anyone gives some hints and tips. Although it does not seems very hard, from what I judged after reading the threads, still its such an excellent opportunity that I do not want to miss it. Is the business given in the exercise the same as on their website.

Best Regards


Hi, thanks for a detailed account of Deloitte’s e-tray exercise. I know it was quite a long time ago but could you tell me how long should the responses be for each item in the tray? I am seeing the practice e-tray that the AssessmentDay website has and the responses it gives for each item are very long and am wondering if there’s enough time for such lengthy responses.

Also, in the responses, do we have to write what we would do or actually do it? I mean do we have to say, write an email to boss asking about so and so and discuss xyzs performance, or do we actually write the email doing what we would do? Have I confused you? :slight_smile:

Finally, are the 2 tasks separate, i.e., has the 2nd task anything to do with what we do in the first task?

I have my e-tray tomorrow.

Thanks so much for replying.



Hi, I have an etray booked for next week, I just wondered how yours went and was it about the Trafford Lea case study?

Hope it went well!