Deloitte e-tray question


I went through Deloitte’s e-tray exercise last year and failed it. I want to re-apply this year, but I feel a little bit unsure. I remember specifically this question at the beginning of the test where your team members tell you that they researched the options available for Trafford Lea. They also tell you that they come up with other alternatives.

Basically you had to chose between going along only with what the client wanted and continue to research those options or to present to the client the new ideas that you team members came with. I was puzzled because the first alternative shows that you are committed to the client and respect their options while the second one shows that you have initiative and want to come up with the best alternative.
If you remember this question what answer did you pick up and why?


I probably spent about a day ‘revising’ for the test. Preparation is ridiculously essential (they even mention on the website the activity is more to judge your preparation than anything else).

I’ve got a load more guidance (see site below), but my best tips would be to do at least 2 practice ones first. Deloitte and HMRC both provide these. Also try and work out a system (I had 3 sheets of paper. 1 for notes on the 2 companies, 1 for summaries of each document and 1 for calculations and new information).



Hey im in the same situation (got my E tray inbox to do) and would reaally appreciate any tips? I failed it last year and im quite scared ill fail it again


I can’t remember that question but from what I do remember is below. (not much, hazy! I passed but they never had space for an interview for me so I withdrew my application)
I sat mine at home on my laptop. I had to download Microsoft silverlight to sit it.

For the emails I spent the first 5-10 mins reading the documents and making notes (eg doc 1: blah blah 2:team structure 3: pricing guide) or whatever then I opened the first couple of documents and left them on the task bar (but I couldnt open them all as my task bar was locked so couldnt move it to the side like most people said they can)

when I answered the questions I mainly just looked for the general theme of the q (eg if its like “who would you rather work with”) and click on the relevant document number and it would have eg Tom: does statistics and pricing, Sandra: does pricing and marketing, Richard: does marketing and IT. so you choose who fits best.

then for the writing test I actually wrote a draft email on paper before hand following the tips I used on here…and it wasnt the same question! so that was quite unhelpful haha.


Deloitte’s E tray exercise is split up in to two parts. The first part you open your inbox and already have some emails to go through, and as time goes on more emails will appear. The content of the follow up emails will depend on what you answered to the previous emails.

You have 1 hour for the first part which is multiple choice. I would advise unlocking your task bar and putting it to the left hand side and opening up all your folders before you start looking at the emails. When I did mine, I took note of the folder orders and I felt it saved time as every time needed information I knew which folder I required.

The second part is not multiple choice and it is for 40 minutes (think it was previously 50?). You have to write a business email advising Trafford Lea on which company they should acquire. Trust me when I say there is no wrong answer - if you justify your choice and your email is written properly then you should have no problem in passing the E tray. There is no spell check, so be careful. I found that the laptops they provide you with are deliberately small to increase the possibility of errors. I corrected myself as I went through and checked once over at the end. Give the pros and cons of each but make sure you come to a firm decision. Do not sit on the fence.

There’s not really anything you can do to prepare, just work quickly and accurately on the day. I know before mine I was quite scared but it’s not all that tricky, you will be fine!