Deloitte Current Graduates? - College Schedule


Dear all,

Can any current grad at Deloitte please outline the usual joining structure as in, when you start going to college and which knowledge papers you do first? Im joining in Sept 2012 and was told that exams are in Decemeber, but not sure how many. Hope someone could shed light. Also would be nice to know when we have some free time (i.e. no exams or revision time inbetween work and exams).

Thanks alot


Forgot to mention im in London, tax.


Not at London office. But I started in September, had two exams in October, one in November and one in December. I sat accounting and assurance first, then tax and then MI. Law and BF are self-study ones which I have coming up soon.

You won’t have any free time from Monday to Friday unless you take holiday. You will either be in college learning the stuff to pass, doing training or doing tax work for clients. You need to revise at weekends. The knowledge ones aren’t too difficult but you will need to revise at weekends (unless you have done accounting before or pick up things extremely quickly!). We learnt the stuff in five days and then either had the exam the next Monday or the Monday after.

Hope that helps.


thanks, this is perfect!