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Hi I am about to start working at Deloitte within the next month, but have yet to receive my final contract.

I was wondering whether anyone else is having this problem? or when i shall expect to receive it?



Hey Kaz,

By the final contract, I take it you have recieved and sent off your ‘offer of employment’? After that I was notified that they were delighted I accepted the offer and I have since recieved 12 electronic documents by e-mail, of which I have completed 6 and send them off via snail mail. That’s as far as I’ve got so far, not sure if there are any more documents I need to sign. But that’s what I’ve done so far and I was offered the job on the 12th of August.

Have you recieved any of this?

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Hi mate,

I got my offer back in march, and i signed of te pre employment contract then. Since then i have sent various things of e.g laptop selection, loan and bank details. I was told that there is a final contract that gets sent out with your exact salary, as the one in the pre-employment contract was a guidance figure only. Have you got the welcome pack yet? Also when do you start?



I haven’t had anything on laptop selection or bank details yet or even access to the New Joiners site. I sent off my contract of employment/P46/agreement of the Deloitte Code etc yesterday so hopefully will year by the Monday what else I need to. Is the electronic contract they send you, the final one? Had all the final finance details on there and was far more extensive than the ‘offer of exployment’ form.

I start on September the 10th at Cardiff, what about you mate?

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I’m doing audit. To be honest, they’ve been very quick so far, well I guess they have to be considering how late I got in but I’ll hopefully have access to the ‘new joiners’ site soon, I take it when they’ve done all their checks and are satisfied you are good to go, then they give you access? Could you tell me more about the laptop selection btw? What dept you in too? Have you recieved files such as ‘The Deloitte Code’ and the 'ICAEW T&C? Cheers for your help

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I start on the 20th sept in London. Yes that is the contract i am talking about they said I should receive it 6 to 8 weeks before starting and haven’t heard anything I called today and they said it should be in next week, which is what they said when i called 2 weeks ago lol.

I think maybe for you since you got offered so close to your start date everything is a bit all over the place, but you should have access to the new joiners site, which is very helpful.

What department are you joining?


They are not doing any checks this year, only when you join will they start doing some checks, so there aren’t any pre-employment checks as such. I think they give you access when IT have added you to the system possibly.

The laptop selection is just a form which gives you an option of two laptops to choose from and a bag that you would like for the laptop.

Yes i have got deloitte code, its on the new joiners site, along with documents such as mobile policy, It policy, dresscode etc.

I will be joining tax, interesting times ahead.


I’m in the same boat. Starting in London on 20 September and haven’t yet received my contract or any of the other stuff that needs returning before the first day. I gained access to the Joiners’ Site a few months ago and returned my offer letter last year, so I’m surprised they’re cutting it this close!


Just got my contract through today, so yours should be here soon too.


Brilliant, great news. Thank for the heads up!


I just got my contract

Has anyone tried to re-negotiate some of the terms of the contract ie remuneration and the lack of over time pay. I know the pay as ‘market rate’ but I would like to just try to get a higher figure and would like to see if there was any harm just trying.

I’m starting in London on 20 Sept Tax Dept woot



have you guys got your interest free loans if you applied for one?


Hi Dan, it might not be a bad idea to try negotiate a higher salary you never know what they may say, what dept are you joining within tax?

To eaybnb, i applied for the loan and have not received it yet, not to sure when to expect it tbh.


to kaz
joining global employer services - intl assignment


Just got access to the ‘New Joiners’ site now! There is a heck lot to read and complete! I’ve got a dissertation to finish by the 10th of September too!

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do u guys think its too late to apply for audit now to start this year?


Hey guys,

Im also starting in Tax on the 20th - Are you all at the Novotel in Hammersmith as well?



Hey guys,

Im also starting in Tax on the 20th - Are you all at the Novotel in Hammersmith as well?



Also, I asked about the Loan and apparently we get it approximately 3 weeks into working for them…


Also, I asked about the Loan and apparently we get it approximately 3 weeks into working for them…