Deloitte Consulting vs Ernst & Young Advisory


Hi guys,

Due to help I’ve received from this site , I recently got two offers. But now I can’t decide what to do!!
Can you please help me make up my mind?

E & Y salary is much lower (5kish) but they offer ACA/CIMA training. This might be better in the long run?
In a few years is the salary likely to be on par?

I’m looking to see what you guys would chose, especially anyone in these areas.



Also, if anyone has any questions about the recruitment process feel free to ask away!


Hi there
Happy to hear that you got offers!
I wonder when you applied for EY adviosry. I tried to apply in November 2010 but they said it’s closed. And I couldn’t find openings for March 2012. Wonder if you know anything about this?
I think Deloitte consulting is more prestigious, given the fact that they have always kept that branch. On the other hand, EY adviory is just taking off but growing really fast. I went to an insight day in EY and liked the people there :slight_smile:
Just curious, how different are the salaries?



I applied to a regional EY office in December and the position only opened because the person who joined previously didn’t like it and quit. Maybe that says something!!

I also think that Deloitte has a better reputation but think that having ACA would be beneficial long term. Salaries are 23k (EY) vs 28k (Deloitte).


If I were you I would base it on the overall experience you had in the application process, taking into account the people you met and the atmosphere you felt at the workplace + the location etc. Whatever you choose, they’re both great places to work and will set you up nicely for the future.

In terms of salary, with more experience they will probably even out. EY’s starting salary may be lower but it will most likely rise more quickly.

I’ve met a lot of people from EY, from the UK and around the world, who have talked about the great opportunities to work internationally if that’s something you’re interested in. Also, as was mentioned earlier they are growing a lot right now and it’s nice to be a part of that progress. Good luck with whatever you choose…



I didn’t know EY has advisory in regional offices. And I couldn’t find any online now. Is it general management consulting or IT? Maybe I should start networking, speaking from your experience :wink:

Personally speaking I don’t think ACA matters that much if you are dedicated to management/strategy consulting, unless you want something to fall back on?


Definitely not EY advisory. Deloitte much more polished and unlike EY no Lehman’s hanging over them EY core business is tax and audit. They got rid of their advisory business to Cap Gemini a few years back.

For consulting/ advisory then PWC and Deloitte are the big 2, their respective market share substantiates this. For IT consulting then either the strategy houses (McKinsey, BCG, Bain), Boutique IT Strategy Firms or the major IT centric firms such as IBM. For the higher level / most interesting work then strategy houses and boutiques best positioned.