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I got an offer for Consulting Technology so I would e happy to help anyone who needs an advise with the application process.

P.S. Please dont make this threat all about E-tray as there is plenty of information in the other threats about it.


Hi Can you pls provide the timeline of your different stages, im planning to apply but not sure how fast the process will be.,


They have changed their application process so it would be slightly different but in general they were the fastest firm usually it took between 1 to 2 weeks between the different stages. I applied at the beginning of May and i got my offer the beginning of jully


Hey gtg! I am applying for Consulting Technology as well, got through the e-tray day and I am now invited to take part in the last stages (first interview, group exercise and partner interview). I just wanted to know the kind of questions you had during these interviews (i.e. were they technology-related or general?). Congratulation for your offer!


Hi, congrats youve passed one of the hardest stages already.

FIRST INTERVIEW - its pretty standard competency-based interview. i was asked to talk about a time i had successfully build relationships; achieved a goal; planned and organised something; why Deloitte; why technology and so on. The guy didnt asked anything in particular for technology but i turned it in that direction as it is my area of interest and I felt most confident talking about technology.

Partner Interview - here i got asked a lot of questions about Deloitte’s key competitors - the other big 4 + capgemini, accenture, imdb; how do i see my dreamed job, why technology, why do i think i would be good so on; and some of the challenges related to technology projects.


Thank you so much for this! I can choose between the standard process (First interview and group exercise, and partner interview to take place on two separate occasions) or the Fast Track Day. Do you think it is too much to do everything on the same day?


Honestly I think its doable … the only stressful thing is the group exercise the interviews are quite relax and you would have to prepare for the company just once. Do you need to prepare a presentation as well ?


I don’t really know yet but I guess I will have to… Just got the email telling me they would contact me to set up an interview. Got the email on Tuesday and still haven’t heard from them. How long did that take for you?


I dont really remember but fast track option was not available to me at all. I am sure they will contact you soon. Are you applying for 2012 or 2013 intake?


I’m applying for the Sept 2013 intake so I guess I still have time. I will probably get back to you once they contact me and once I know more. Thank you so much for all your advice so far!


Hi gtg,

(I’m in the UK)

I am trying to answer the question, why Deloitte:
I understand they are unique in having kept consulting their core service and (i read) they claim that they are the only advisory organisation that can offer the broad range of services with a real depth in key industries.

Their experience in the field.

Their focus on the client, attempting to truly understand their requirements rather than maximise profit and building a deep relationship with them.

Excellent training and focus on career development within the company. With Deloitte, I am encouraged /able to develop my skills to achieve my career goals.

Ideally I wanted to come up with 5 points in total. Could you hint as to where I should concentrate my research? Should I use a, “I don’t want to work for any of the other top 4 because…”


You should definitely not include anything like that. My advice would be to answer it personally why do you want to work for them and you can bend it to something like i want to be this and that and Deloitte is the place to start my career because …


Just my two pence, but I agree with gtg. Go with your gut. Why did you first apply to them? Surely there must have been something that initially stood out to you, and then you can expand on that. You’re best of choosing a couple of reasons and explaining them in-depth rather than give lots of reasons but have the possibility of not really explaining them at all.


hello guys,
Congrats to all who have received offers from Deloitte.
I see that I am quite late in applying for the technology consulting positions for sept 2012 intake, but never the less I would definitely do it. Currently in the application process, on the section of Career motivation. Any suggestions for answering about the core consulting activities for the question ‘Please let us know what you think you will be doing in your first year on your chosen programme and service line’ will be helpful.
Thank you !


Hey! What I did to answer this is I read through the careers website. There’s everything you need to know really if you haven’t done so already ( In my application, I remember emphasising on the learning and development side (eg with the 21 month training programme, the ISEB qualification and the access to the latest Deloitte tools and methodologies). I guess they also want your point of view so don’t just copy-paste from the website (eg the fact that you want to use your interest in technology to support teams, interact with client staff etc…). Hope that helps :wink:


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Hi gtg,

I know this is a late post, but do you still check your messages on here?

If so, are you still working at Deloitte? If so, are you still enjoying your time there? Are they keeping you busy? Please provide an update :slight_smile:

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it on here, please private message me.

Thank you :slight_smile: