Deloitte Consulting Summer Vacation Scheme First Interview



I have an inter interview coming up in two days…Does anyone have any experience with the first round interview for the Deloitte Summer Vacation Scheme, which includes a competency based interview and a group exercise? Any info would be useful!

I have been looking online but only found either Consulting Graduate interviews or internship interviews for other service lines.

Also, I called them and they said this would be the last stage - can anyone confirm this?

Thanks a lot!


hi mate, for internships the interview is the last stage. I have mine next week. How did you get on?



Thanks for the info, thankfully by now I realised it. Is your interview for London or another location?

Mine went pretty well and I’m happy to say that I got an offer! I was a bit terrified at the group exercise when everyone around me was a PhD student either from Oxford or Cambridge applying for graduate roles plus I also didn’t like the structure of the problem we had to solve, but I think as long as you do well in the interview, you should be fine.

I also was given a “surprise” case study, which was not mentioned in the invitation e-mail, but it really isn’t very hard. You just need to be able to read 4 pages in 15 minutes and try to get the main issues written down, which you will later have to repeat using your notes. No need to think about solutions/recommendations.

The interview is very straightforward, just make sure you prepare all the questions you see here on wikijobs, they ask the exact same things !

Good luck!


After how long after the interview did you get a reply from them?