Deloitte Consulting - my experience

Civil Service Fast Track

Hi all, I found wikijob really helpful during my job hunt, so thought I’d write a bit about my experiences - feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

First Interview:

We were given a case study to read whilst waiting in reception - it was VERY long and mine was about government Shared services. I only just finished reading mine in time. Dont be put off by the length of the case study - the questions were really straightforward and the answers were generally contained in the text so just try to get a feel for the overall message. No extra knowledge required. I was then asked the exact competencies listed on the website so that was also straightforward. Then I was asked the standard Why Deloitte, Why Consulting, and finally about the service area I want to join.


This started with the etray exercise which is exactly the same format as the Civil Service online practice one - it is fairly time pressured so just keep an eye out. I thought id done terribly at this but it turned out to be my highest mark so really dont lose hope if you feel its going badly! Then you have to write an email explaining why you would choose a particulary company to merge with - this is really straightforward, there is no right answer you just have to support your decision with facts, reasons etc. You will have to make an informal presentation to the partner about your company later in the the day so make sure you make good notes about your decision as you probably will have forgotten by later.
Next is the group exercise - this is very straightforward and is about a fictional situation - ours was which area to increase funding in to improve their ‘happiness levels’ - there are lots of funny names and its very uncomplicated, the whole point is to see how you approach the problem and interact with the group so dont worry about the difficulty of the task, just focus on your teamwork.
Finally I had the partner interview which involved the presentation on my company choice, he then probed me about what the potential problems would be. He asked me how he felt my performance in the group had been (he had been monitoring the groups). The partner interview is where I failed - I had a really unfriendly partner and it really threw me off. He seemed really bored by everything I had to say and asked me strange questions like, do your friends think you would make a good consultant - I just didnt know how to answer. So I would say be prepared for anything in the partner interview as they are really subjective, don’t be put off by a moody interviewer, and try and give comprehensive answers to all the questions, no matter how trivial they seem. Mine was based alot on my CV so make sure you can explain any activities you have undertaken. If you havent had an internship think about situations where you have shown commercial awareness, and likewise if you dont have financial experience.

Good luck!



Hi! The info you provided is quite insightful and I could find so much similarity between your experience and mine regarding the partner interview…in my case, i interviewed with an IB but my interview with the head of X department simply went terrible…he came across as highly impatient and bored but then he was shooting very broad questions at me like"what have been the market trends in capital markets for the last years", etc…where it is simply impossible to respond with one liner…i felt really frustrated…

as opposed to you, i have not been able to receive feedback yet :(( although i have been chasing them for ages…
what feedback did you get about the partner interview?

would be interesting to know how they expect people to behave in this kind of situations :slight_smile:

dont be put off by this, i would say that once you reach the final round, it all comes down to two Ls : “liking” and “luck”…

just persevere, i am sure you’ll do great!


yes hazel i completely agree about the luck and liking! sorry to hear you had the same problem. I was just so put off by his moodiness and the fact that he seemed so bored - he even fell asleep during the group exercise! they were quite good with feedback - i had a fifteen minute phonecall with them and they told me exactly where i went wrong ie the partner said i wasnt commercially aware enough (despite asking me NO commercial awareness questions!) and that i didnt know enough about deloittes position in the market place - again was asked nothign about this so im not sure the feedback was that helpful. having had other partner interviews since i think i just had a really wierd experience at deloitte as the others have been fine, even enjoyable! i got an offer from ey the other day so very happy as i much prefer them anyway! how are you doing?


Thanks for this Ribena. What consulting arm did you apply to? I had my first round interview with Deloitte nearly 4 weeks ago and they only gave me an AC date (after I emailed them) a week ago, for January 7th! I have applied for Strategy.


I applied to strategy but was told at first round interview id be better suited to operations! I know they can be slow sometimes, they told me id find out the outcome of my first round interview after 3 days, but I had to chase them and it took a week in the end! best of luck


I can only hope that the reason they’ve given me such a late AC is because they want to see all the strategy people together. Was everyone in your AC for Operations? If I find that they’ve already started filling the strat con places I. am. going. to. go. mental!

Good luck in the rest of your job search, Ribena. I expect this has been a useful learning experience.



congratulations on your job offer with EY. You must be pleased and relieved that your job search is finally over :slight_smile:

I would like to know how you found the people at deloitte (Apart from the sleeping big guy)…did they make a good impression on you?
I applied for consulting- no preference, although i have a strong preference for strategy. For personal reasons I could only apply very late, hence I thought it would be safer to apply for the general stream and then attempt to convince them that I would fit into strategy should I have the chance to appear for the assessments. what do you think?



Hey, thanks. What stage of the application process are you currently at? I found that at the first interview they tried to assess your suitability for a certain service line, so be ready to persuade them there. Then, they decide and you will have your partner interview at the AC by a partner in your assigned service line. If you can explain why strategy at the first round interview i’m sure they wont have a problem with it! I really liked my first round interviewer, and the other partners seemed nicer than mine. We were taken for lunch by two analysts who were alright but quite boring. I think it is really hard to tell just from 2 visits, either way if you get the job there must be at least SOME nice people! Best of luck



I have just started the process, hence I cannot say too much.
Do you remember how long after your phone interview did you get the invite to online testing?



mine was right after phone interview transaction service



I have a question regarding the online test.
i was emailed the invite to the numerical test, i took it now, however, had to rush through the last questions and could only guess them.
now it says “application is under consideration”…any idea whether this means passed or not?



I think you will be fine.Basically you will received the invitation for verbal test in 2 days after you sit that test.they will email you the result around 2 days after you verbal test whether we will contact you shortly(that means you pass online test) or we are sorry to inform you that…(fail)
As i am aware if you can answer correctly 12 out of 18, i think you will pass.(but it depends on percentile rather pecentage)…

Best of luck



Thanks! tbh, there were a few questions whose wording I found hard to understand in the first place. Not sure if this is due to time shortage or that I am of foreign origin :)…but i believe I answered at least 13-14 Qs right. Well, I’ll hope for the best. You can never really know these things until u hear from them.

what division did you apply for? how far have you reached?


i think your enlish is ok at least you can go to the final round at hsbc gs… huh i am foreign orign too…have you signed you contract ??
i apply for transaction service … wait for available slot for first round :slight_smile: they are extremely slow i think i should be patient


Hi Guys

I just did my online numerical test today for Consulting in London. It went OK, managed to answer 15 out of the 18 before the time ran out.

If I get through these two tests I hope I can get the first round interview out of the way before Christmas.

Also not sure how to decide which service line, how did you guys decide? I do alot of operations modules at Uni, so I am guessing I should go for this.



hey, how did you find the numerical test?
I thought some questions were quite time-consuming and spent too much time on getting to the result…
Got the invitation to the verbal test this morning.

have you interviewed with consulting firms before?


It was pretty hard with the time limit, to be honest. Just waiting on my invitation to the verbal test, hopefully get that tomorrow.

I haven’t applied to any other firms actually, pretty much putting all my eggs in one basket, if it doesn’t pay off I guess I’ll be off traveling for a year.

How about you? Have you applied to many other firms?


awwwwww…that’s a bit insane given the harsh competition for each available vacancy.
I would strongly urge you to diversify ur risks :slight_smile: …but if you are confident about deloitte, then I guess you should be fine.

I feel that I cannot be confident about anything these days…had two final rounds, felt pretty close to winning at least 1, but got rejected.
there is a very fine line between win/lose in final rounds, therefore, I would apply to as much as possible…but that’s my view…
I have not applied to too many either yet…

I have not the verbal for deloitte, i will do it today or tomorrow and keep you posted how it went for me.



hey, took the verbal test just now, as always, it was tough for me, answered 28 out of 30, and some of them I had to guess and move on as the time pressure was huge…will wait to hear from them whether i passed it or not…

any ideas what’s the benchmark for the verbal test?



28 of 30 is really good. I don’t think they mind if you don’t answer all of them (so I’ve heard throughout forums).

Best of luck.