Deloitte Consulting Grad Scheme Final Partner Interview - Advice please!




I’ve got an upcoming final partner interview with Deloitte in Human Capital Consulting for the graduate scheme.

If anyone could offer any guidance on what questions to expect in the values based interview that would be great.

Thanks :grinning:


I’m not sure about the Human Capital Consulting, I’m currently in Monitor Deloitte, but when I had my partner interview, he was mainly looking to see if I would be a good it for the company. Think of it in a way - ‘Would I be able to spend a five-hour flight with this person?’ Also things like what kind of career plan do you have - are you coming for 2 years and then looking to go somewhere else (this way pretty much wasting the companies time and training). Is this the sort of person I would be happy to put in front of an important client and not be embarrassed. Does this person have drive and ambition?
Let me know if it makes any sense and hope it helps.


Thank you, that is helpful and makes a lot of sense! From what I hear there is some overlap between the questions asked for the consulting service lines, especially regarding the things you’ve mentioned.
Did you get any questions that you weren’t expecting?


Hello, do you maybe know when applications for next year intake will be open?


I think it’ll be Mid September but I’m not entirely sure sorry!


They open on 17-09-2018.