Deloitte Consulting First Round Interview- Please help!


Hi there, i know this thread has been posted on the Accounting & Professional Services Forum, and it refers specifically to Consulting, but i have a first round interview with Deloitte’s Consulting service and I am aware that the interview method for this particular service differs slightly to Audit, Tax and Corporate Finance. Would anyone be able to confirm whether this difference is the case study part of the interview? If so, what is the case study likely to be on?

If there is anyone who might be able to shed some light on this that would be extremely helpful.

Thanks very much in advance.


Hi, I am wondering the same things as you, but looks like there arent many opinions on this one. Have you had your interview yet? Any advice/info would be much appreciated…


Hey RS, I have’nt had my interview yet. From what i can gather on Deloitte’s website, and from other sites on the web, we have around 30mins to read through and prepare answers to a case study of a typical business issue. Then we discuss our findings with a consultant who interviews us for an hour afterwards. There is an example of a case study question on Deloitte’s graduate webpages and model answers.

Basically, i am not sure what sort of level of knowledge we are expected to have with reference to answering the case study. A lot of sites recommend using standardised frameworks to find the answer. Having never studied business or economics i am frantically trying to learn some!

Do you have an interview with them coming up soon?


Hi smartypants, how did your interview go?

I’ve got a first round consultancy interview with Deloitte this week and am a bit worried about the case study bit. I have had a look on the graduate site but can’t find the case study example, would you be able to tell me exactly where it is? And would you be able to advise me on how to go about answering it?

Thank you!


I think there’s one on the WikiJob [[Deloitte]] profile, is there not?


I’ve had a look and can’t see one, they’ve just given pointers on how to answer questions about case studies. Do you know of any good websites with example case studies and ways to go about answering possible questions?



I had my first round interview with Deloitte for consulting a couple of weeks ago. I am a law graduate so I was also a bit nervous about not coming from a business or economics background. Having gotten through the first round this isn’t something you need to worry about to much. The case study part of the interview involves reading through a project scenario that you may have to face if you were working on the job. This is around five pages long and is followed by a series of questions.

The one point I would make which caught me off guard is that you are put in a room with pen and paper and given 25 minutes for this part. This made me think that you had to submit written answers to the questions which is not the case. I spent far to long writing down full answers instead of thinking over all the questions and how I might answer them, although taking some notes might be useful.

In the first part of the interview (which lasts around an hour in total and will be one on one with a consultant) you will discuss the questions from the case study and maybe other aspects of it which weren’t specific questions but that the interviewer would like to quiz you on. I didn’t find this too demanding and the interviewer was really helpful in pointing me in the right direction when I was unsure about what he wanted to hear.

The remainder of the interview was of the standard competency question type, followed by some time to ask questions and talk a little more about the role. As I said, I was pretty nervous about the interview day and felt I would be out of my depth but found it quite laid back and enjoyable.

Hope this helps!


Ok, how weird is all this?
My boyfriend had his 1st round interview with Deloitte (London) this morning for their Enterprise Applications/Technology Integration Consultancy divisions as his first choices.
Having read tons of tips (including the company’s website), he was prepared for the standard case-study/competency-based interview.

But here’s what happened: like you said, they took him to a room with a few more people, gave them the case study handouts and told them to take notes until they are called in for their interview. This was for 25 minutes. He was the first one to be called in for an interview and took his handout with him thinking that he’d be talking about the case study with the interviewer. Instead, the interviewer (a consultant working in IT) proceeded to the competency and general questions (why Deloitte? why this stream etc.) and never referred to the case study. My b/f was confused and asked him what to do with his notes and if they were going to discuss the case study and the consultant said ‘no, you will give the handout back to the reception after we’re done’.
Point is, he never talked with his interviewer or anybody else about the case study although he had taken quite a few notes on it.
When the interview finished (it lasted for more than an hour btw even without the case study), he walked to the reception with the interviewer where he handed the paper to the lady (possibly one of the recruiters) who had given it to him in the first place and asked her if there was a case study interview for him to follow. The lady said ‘no, you’re done’ and when he pointed out again that he had had no case interview, she told him not to worry, that the business study was just for him to look at and make some notes but was not assessed, and she folded the paper and threw it away.

What shall we make out of this? He hasn’t heard back about the interview yet (he’s supposed to in the next 3 working days or so), but to add to the mystery he got an invitation by email to attend their consultancy open evening next week. That was 2 hours after he had left their offices.
We are both very confused. We don’t know if we should take all this as a good or as a bad sign (especially the fact that he unwillingly by-passed the case study interview).



Interesting comments from all. I just got back from my 1st round interview with Deloitte, for which I did a case study for 25 minutes, then took the notes into interview room, where I was asked about the case and questions. This lasted say 20 minutes, then we spent the remaining time on competency questions. So Christie85, I guess your BF was just lucky as the case study part was by far the toughest.

Can anyone please tell me more about the 2nd interview, so I can prepare myself if successful.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the comment DanielMSc.
Best of luck to you!
Did you get that open evening invitation too by any chance?
That is really odd - a friend of mine also interviewed for EA Consulting at Deloitte last year (didn’t get it) but went through the case study too, so I can’t understand what happened. It seems like everybody did the case study except my bf.
Hope we find out soon.


Wierd indeed…
Just got an email sayin they want me back for a final interview, so any ideas, hints, or tips for the final stage?



Do anyone of you know how many correct answers needed to pass the numerical test? many thanks.


Congrats Daniel! Did you schedule already?
My bf hasn’t heard yet - I wonder if that’s a no, as it looks like they rush to let successful people know (at least after the 1st interview).
Fingers still crossed, and he’s quite cool about it, but tbh (I’m not telling him), the more they delay the more unlikely I think it is that they’ll invite him to the final round.


Oh, and Gemma, I don’t know exactly how many answers, but I think 14-15 correct answers out of 20 would be enough to pass, although they may need less to take you through. They don’t give feedback on the tests so it’s hard to tell.


Yay!!! He finally got an email half an hour ago inviting him to the final round!!! :slight_smile:
He’s going to schedule his AC asap.
I guess the non-case study meant nothing after all.
Maybe I should have him post here instead of posting myself.


Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum stuff + was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a first round interview next week with Deloitte Consulting. My main concern is the case study - are you able to provide any details? Is it very numerical? Are you expected to make calculations? or is it more common sense stuff?

I’ve been doing a few practice ones online from various companies + they vary quite a lot.

Also, I read somewhere that they discuss the different consulting divisions with you - is this true? Do they expect you to know the divisions pretty well? I understand what most of them do but some are a bit confusing!

Any other advice would be great.

I’d appreciate your help :slight_smile:



I was wondering if you could tell me in which websites you found practice case studies. I am due to have my interview next friday and i still feel that i need to practice a lot.

I would appreciate your help


Hi has anyone done a Deloitte Consulting First Round Interview recently (in 2010)? Can anyone share their insights? Do the case studies have a very strong focus on technical terminology ? Any info would be a tremendous help.


Has any of you had the pre screen interview after passing the numerical and verbal reasoning tests?? I am slightly concerned as most of the people were having it before allowed to take psychometric tests. I took both of them, passed and they called me up to arrange the interview. I thought it might be instead the first round, but apparently I will be having face-to-face as well…


Has any of you had the pre screen interview after passing the numerical and verbal reasoning tests?? I am slightly concerned as most of the people were having it before allowed to take psychometric tests. I took both of them, passed and they called me up to arrange the interview. I thought it might be instead the first round, but apparently I will be having face-to-face as well…