Deloitte Consulting - First Interview - February 2010


Hi all,

Just thought i’d share my experience of 1st interview for Deloitte consulting - i have applied for operation in consulting. By now, you all should know the format - interview lasts an hour and a half, the first 15 mins is reading a case study, then the interview will commence with a manager or senior consultant. It last an hour or so, and they start with the competance questions then the case study questions, then an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Case Study

The case study i got was based is Thornton County Council and basically they are asking deloitte to bid for the consultation on a project where they want to amalgamate 7 smaller councils into one. The core services that will be joined are finance, IT and human resources and they expect the staff levels to drop from 7500 to 6000 after all the regional offices have been joined together. All seven councils have different cultures and levels of service on offer so the idea is to bring these together - one advantage is that citizens will get a more even of service. Another issue is this thing called a ‘shared service centre’ where the core services will be shared. Might be an idea to research this on the internet. Another issue is outsourcing - they are considering outsoucing the IT services and i got asked what the differences were between outsoucing and doing things in house - had to think of an answer to this on my feet but it is a classic question that can be answered easily. I would research outsourcing beforehand. They also give you an additional piece of information on the case study which is just to assess how you rationalise making judgements on the spot. Another thing i got asked was what the risks might be and how these could be mitigates. Also, think of all the stakeholders involved in a business model like thie - on the day i could only think of the citrizens, workers, and central government, and local businesses but there are probably more if you have a good think about it.

Competency Questions

The interviewer has a list of questions then can ask you and basically they will just pick out ones at random. My advise for this is the same as everybody else - do lots of preparation and prepare plenty of examples of work, uni and your life.

Tell me a time when you gave a presentation?
Tell me a time whan you had to make a difficult decision?
Tell me about a time when you overcame a challenge?
Tell me about your organisatoin skills, when you organised something?
Tell me about how you got from uni to here (i graduated in 2006)
Why do you want to work for Deloitte?
What do you know about management consulting?
What other competitior are there to deloitte?

Hoep this helps.


Great post Carol did you get a result from your experience? Sounds like you did well.


Thanks for the help, have the same interview next week


Hi. When did u hear back after ur 1st interview? did u get feedback?


Hi everyone, could anyone offer any advice on how to approach the case study in general? I figure deloitte have loads of different examples



I was wondering if anybody has had a first interview within consulting for Deliotte recently. If so, was your experience the same as the first post above? Any additional posts would be great!




Yes, it was very similar. All the info you need to prepare is on this thread and others. Just have lots of examples and explain them clearly and concisely. If you are struggling, take a sip of water and think for a moment.



I have my operations consulting interview this Thursday and was hoping you could throw some light on the case study and what all it entailed? Any surprises to look out for etc?
Any help/info/tips would be a life saver as i really want this job!



And i mean even info like what did you suggest for the case and what points did you need to consider or got wrong?
If you could please elaborate here or privately…after all we wiki users deserve a little edge being pro active!


To be honest. You can only prepare so much. Read all the threads thoroughly. Know Deloitte inside out. Know the sector inside out. I got asked all the competency questions in my partner interview but some people dont get them at all. I found it useful to know about the awards that Deloitte recently won. I got caught on commercial awareness, I was asked what sector I had been following in…I got totally messed up and made soemthing up when really I should have just said ‘i havent been following one sector in particular but i have been reading about a number of interesting business cases…’ etc etc
Think thats all, you cant prep for the teamwork, just make sure you contribute, be polite and think before you say something, just so its not a stupid banal comment.

the e-tray is fine, opening up all the tabs is definitely a good tip


Ah thanks for that!

I think youre talking about the AC! I wanted to know about the first interview and the case study in it specifically!!
AC tips are useful if (pls God) I get through first!!! lol



Oh God, Im stupid. Sorry…

Hmmm first interview…am, well basically read the first post of this thread and really just think about all the different issues when trying to combine services. I got asked specifically about how to keep the service going for the public while all these changes were being made. Don’t even remember my answer. Think i made something up. Id recommend maybe sitting down and writing down potential questions.

Dont freak out when they hand you the sheet. You have enough time to read it. Read carefully, highlighting things you think are important. During the case study part of the interview, he handed me a sheet of figures about the costs of outsouring to India or keeping the IT in the UK. I spoke about advantages and disadvantages of each saying that as numbers in the county council will be cut, it might be good to keep the IT in the UK. He seemed to like this. Its a very casual question and answer part i found but it depends who you get.

Just prepare loads of example for the competency part.


Ah there you go, spot on!
That’s what I was looking for!

Thanks a ton! If you do remember any more questions/answers u gave…PLEASE DO write those here or privately as my life depends on it (ok not really).
God bless.



What kind of numbers/figures were given and were any major calculations/projections needed? I mean how important were the numbers and they were used for what mainly?



It was figures about the costs of outsourcing to India or keeping in the UK. there was about 4 different costs and some would be higher in India and some higher in the Uk. I just spoke generally about them. In the end I said it would be better to keep in the UK as you would have greater control over quality perhaps and with the removal of so many jobs it would look a bit better from a PR point of view. No right answer though. They give you a calculator if you want to make any calculations but they’re very simple figures.


Aight perfecto!


Hi cyborg_001 i was wondering, how long after Deloitte confirmed you had to wait to hear from them to get an interview slot did they take? And also thnaks alot Gryff88 for your input thus far, hope it helps!!!


Has anyone had a first interview for Technology Integration in Consulting for Deloitte?


Passed the interview…now final AC left!
Thank you all so so much…really hope I get through the AC…please God!


What was the interview like for you? What tough questions did they ask you?