Deloitte Consulting Final Assessment Day



I was wondering if anyone could shed some more light upon how the final assessment day works, what I should do to prepare and any other useful tips.

I am a law graduate so feel a little out of my depth in a much more business orientated area and expect that this will come across at my final assessment - to be honest I am surprised I have gotten this far in their recruitment process, as my familiarity with consultancy is fairly limited.

Thanks in advance!




I can’t help but can you advise me on the application process you went through? I’m just about to send my application.


Hello, I have my first interview with Deloitte consulting - what sort of things do they ask you and how did you find the case study - I am also a law grad so a bit worried about the business side of things!


They will ask you to give two examples of each competency that is mentioned in their website!

Thats it:)

Good Luck


Thanks for that :slight_smile:


I made it to the final assessment day at Deloitte but got rejected. On the 1st interview they ask you competency based questions from your past experiences. E.G. give me an exp when you had to be part of a team, what role you took and how you cooperated with your team members. 2. exp of when you had to lead a team, how did you motivate your team members. 3. When have you demonstrated negotiation and influencing skills. When did you have to work towards something consistently, and what was the outcome?. They ask you why Deloitte and why the business line you applied to.

The assessment centre is more tricky. you have a team work, case study which you have to present to the partner and a written exercise. They have a criteria on the scale of 1-5 in various areas you have to meet the benchmark of 3 at least in every section of the assessment day.

Good look

Final thing, make sure that you structure your responses on every interview they really look very closely on structured thinking process.


Hey Grdzelia,
Can you give me a bit more information regarding the written exercise. Im really worried about it cause i have no clue what its like and cant find any information about it on the website…is it in paper format or email like the etray exercise. Is it something that tests your prior knowledge or are you given information to look at?
Any help woule be great… i know its short notice but my AC is tomorrow!



You may get paper based case study or an E-tray one. I personally had to do a paper based business case study, it does not require any prior knowledge of the industry or anything but some basic business terms will be helpful to review if you don’t come from a business background.

The nature of the challenges party depends on which business practice you applied to. I applied to consulting-strategy practice.
Plan your time carefully and if you get to do a group case study be proactive and make some logical points, its important that you demonstrate your ability to bring your point across clearly and back it up with some logical argument. The actual case study that I got on the group challenge was quite insane actually. There was a country that was running in financial difficulties and there were 10 statements, we had to chose the best solutions for solving the problem.

If you will get to present the case study in one of your interviews, try to be confident, clearly and structure your thought. Make sure you make it bit more interactive with the interviewer.

Best of luck.



I had my final interview for consulting on the 27th of last month, and unfortunately got rejected! But hopefuly this will help the rest!

Like Grdzilla said above, the group exercise was quite unusual! We were all given some text on a country (the last paragraph was different for all of us), followed by 10 statements, where we had to implement 6 of them. Within this assessment they look for your communicatory, leadership, team, logical thinking skills, where each is marked out of 5 (they don’t tell you this before, I got this from my feedback). I failed on leadership, which I would argue was slightly unfair as there are 6 of us, where it is difficult for you all to be leaders. So I would suggest really getting your point across, be confident, add value to the group, and do not just sit there and agree with other peoples recommendations or ideas.

As for the written exercise, this involved a large 16 page document with various amounts of information on it, graphs, tables, statistics, text, quotes, about a company looking to implement a large scale change programme. The task is to write a 2 page document that would summarise all this information, and it would be communicated to the board and then the company. My advice here is to be decisive in what information you extract, and do mention (if applicable) that there will be job losses.

The case presentation is pretty straight forward, similar to the first round one, only difference being you have to present it using visual aids which you must prepare yourself. Remember although you are presenting it to just one partner, it is in theory suppose to be presented to the “companies” board.

The partner interview is a simple Q and A session! Brush up on your commercial awareness, specifically anything Deloitte in the news. I was asked about the collapse of Woolworths and Deloitte’s involvement. I was also asked why Deloitte over PWC? Why consulting? The opening question was tell me about yourself? Then the final part here is your chance to ask questions? Make them good!

Well, good luck to all! I will add that be prepared to be well time managed on the day, as you sit in a room for 5 hours waiting to be called into the various sessions! You have to pass all 20 elements with 3 or above in each. I got a 2 in 3 areas! They only want the best!


Hey Daniel,
When did you hear from Deloitte? I was in the same assessment day as you and still havent heard anything, rejection or otherwise. Kinda gave up hope now but would still be good to know from them how i did in each section etc.


I have been invited for telephone interview. Any helpful hints? I’m really nervous.



Well we had the final assessment day on the thursday, and I was emailed by the Monday evening. They only sent me an email saying;

"Thank you for attending our Final Assessment Day.

Due to the highly competitive nature of our final selection procedure I am sorry to inform you that we shall not be offering you a graduate position"

So I called up and moaned that I wanted feedback and that it was urgent as I was getting interviewed by other firms. So they called me a week and half later to explain all that stuff I said above.

So were you in the same morning session as I was? Your name doesnt give away who you are?



I have my assesment day coming soon. I was wondering what happened to the case study of Trafford Lee that everybody seemed to talk about in all the posts? Have they changed it to some other case study? And does the presentation have to made in powerpoint?
As well as, what the group exercise was about?

would be gratefull to hear some advice!


Hi everyone,

I had an assessment day last week and thought I would let you know about it.

The structure is exactly as Daniel said and it is crucial that you manage your time appropriately. Advice with the presentation would be to condense your slides and structure it well i.e. Intro, info and conclusion.

The team excercise is pretty straight forward and just make sure you get involved and whatever you do don’t talk over anyone - lestening skills are as important.

Both interviews are competency based and so just go over the same sort of things as your first interview but a little more on Commercial awareness i.e. re the company, the role, competitors and the industry. Also think of a few interesting questions.

The writing exercise is also pretty straight forward and just make sure you follow the instructions exactly and also remember you dont have to extract all the info just what it asks for.

I got the idea that throughout the day they are looking mostly for quick learners who are competent to work in a team and as a leader.

hope this helps a bit.