Deloitte Consulting: essay writing, self-perception test, psychometric test ?


I’ll soon have a 1st round interview with Deloitte Consulting (Strategy & Operations). The HR officer told me there are the following parts:

  • HR interview
  • Essay writing test
  • PsychoMetric test
  • Self-perception test

Can anyone of you provide information what I should expect? I already did my research on WikiJob and other websites and I think I got some useful information, but I would like to check my understanding with you again, particularly because I found these “xyz test” terms sometimes overlapping and not defined precisely (ie. what does the psychometirc test include, what’s the difference to the self-perception test, what will be asked in the essay writing, etc.).

My understanding so far (please add your understanding or correct me):

  • HR interview: general CV-related questions, motivation, experience, questions regarding the company, etc.
  • Essay writing test: not sure what to expect here. Could be anything from a small case to personal/competency questions.
  • PsychoMetric test: numeral and verbal reasoning I guess.
  • Self-perception test: personal/competency questions I guess.

What do you think?