Deloitte Consulting (EA) - Post Offer


Hi all,

I had my AC at Deloitte yesterday. I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on their consulting service line (Enterprice Applications) last night. I received a lot of help from this website during my application process and would like to give something back. Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to help.



Heyyy Stacey,

Congrats !!!

I got the offer as well for TI Consulting.

Everyone is more than welcome to ask me any queries as well.

Thanks for all the help guys…this website has been my saviour…



Heyyy Stacey,

Congrats !!!

I got the offer as well for TI Consulting.

Everyone is more than welcome to ask me any queries as well.

Thanks for all the help guys…this website has been my saviour…



Hey Arunesh,

That’s such great news, well done! I wonder how everyone else got on. It was an intense day but well worth it obviously!

How was the partner interview?

Guess I will be seeing you around :slight_smile:



Hi guys I have an AC coming up on Monday

Can you give me any advice about the e-tray and Partner presentation

Is the partner presentation about the content of the etray exercise ?

It would be great to have some advise !


The partner interview was good…started off with the etray exercise stuff and then more competency based. But I think he liked my answers and my confidence (at least that’s what he said in the feedback)

How about you? well not that u have the offer I assume it must have gone quite well…

Yepp I shall be seeing you around in few months time :slight_smile:


For the e-tray exercise i would recommend trying out the fast stream example

The deloitte one is pretty similar and a bit easier than this.

You spend few mins presenting and about 10 mins discussing with the partner about the case given in the e tray exercise. As far as i can remember it is a company (Book stores) looking to acquire one of the companies (a book store + online sales company), online website, a mail catalogue company and you have to recommend which one would be the ideal choice


Hi Guys

Thanks for the information.

Do you have any aids when you are presenting, for example a flipchart or Powerpoint ?

What order does the day come in?
Group exercise and e tray in the morning then interview after lunch ??
or does this just depend on the organisers of the assessment centre you attended.
What was your experience?

Many thanks for your help


Hi elib22

The morning begins with the e-tray exercice followed by the written exercise with a short loo break in between. Then you have lunch. The afternoon begins with the group exercise and finishes with the partner interview.

In the partner interview you are expected to give a 10min presentation based on why you decided to recommend Trafford Lea Books (from the mornings exercises) to acquire one of three companies. My presentation was very informal, I did not use a flipchart or Powerpoint. A lot will depend on your partner, I took my lead from the partner interviewing me and lucky for me, he was very laid back and friendly. He invited me to sit down and just talk though my rationalisation process. He did not interrupt me once and only asked 2 fairly straight forward questions at the end. I have heard from other people however that they had a far more gruelling experience, best to be prepared for anything.

Best of luck


Hi Stacey

Thanks for the reponse. Can you give any advice about what kinds of questions the partner asked - were they similar to the first round interview, competency based?

Also were you asked anything specific about EA, previous examples of client work, or particular projects, programmes used or any current news stories ??

With the e-tray exercise , is it as time pressured as the online tests for example, can you expect to give a response to all the emails in the hour??

Many thanks for your advice. Congrats on your offer


Hey elib 22,

I was not asked anything specific about EA, previous client work, or projects/ programs. Nor was I asked to comment on any recent news stories although I was prepared for all of those q’s. The partner interview was a lot more informal than the first interview. Questions included “why Deloitte”, “why consulting”, “why not our competitors” etc. I was asked no competency qu’s but that will depend on your partner.

The e tray is very time pressured, but you should expect to finish within the hour - I finished with 10mins to spare.

Best of luck for tomorrow,


Hi guys,

thanks for the above about the 2nd interview -i just got the call for the first round interview for consulting (no pref -but i will be going for EA) on the 7th april!
could you give me an idea of what type of questions i might be asked in this interview? which competencies did they ask you about, or was it just those listed on the website? i have done a fair bit of prep for it, but just so i know i havent missed any…

also, we are going to be given a case study to read while we wait for the interview, did you have that as well? if so, what sort of case was it, how difficult, what sort of questions were you asked etc?

is there anything specific i need to prepare or know about for EA? any other advice about the interview/ day as a whole you could give would be v v v much appreciated!

thanks, and congrats on your offers!





Hi Stacey

I have a 1st round interview for consulting (no preferred service line) coming up this week and was wondering if you could shed some light on the case study that they gave you. Do they want you to identify the key issues within the case and then propose some potential solutions as well as benefits and risks, etc. Also, do you think that it would be good to frame your answers in the services that Deloitte offers (i.e. Upgrading the CRM platforms, developing an integrated IT system). Lastly, is anything that I can read up on/practice that would be relevant to the way Deloitte gives a case study.



Hi Stacey! Congrats on you offer. I have my Assessment Day coming up and I wanted to know more about the Group Excercise! Is it a case study?

Many thanks!




I’m having trouble getting to the core of what is involved in EA. Other than the information on the Deloitte website, can someone point me in the right direction?



Hi guys, I’ve recently received an offer for Technology Integration for this September:

Black_Label – although it hasn’t been finalised for this year, the salary for last year’s graduate consultants was £31,500 with a £600 bonus.

Starz - The group task was to recommend one city as an ideal choice for setting up a theme park. Each of you will represent different regions, and you have to persuade everyone else that the theme park should be built in your region. You each get regional data to help you make a case.

TheBusker - Rather than looking at IT costs or IT strategy (Technology Integration), Enterprise Applications involves the practical application of technology end-to-end solutions such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, CRM Systems or SCM packages.

Hope that helps guys,
Let me know if you have any other questions x.


Hi ac98005,

Thank you very much for the info. Do you have any idea of how many graduates were recruited from your Assessment Day?

Many thanks X


I’m afraid i’m not too sure - I wanted to ask my partner when he called but thought against it - probably none of my business!

There were 6 of us on the day, two for each service line (TI, EA and Ops), with one partner from each service line assessing two candidates. In addition to interviewing you at the end, your partner also assesses you during the group exercise.

I was interviewed second, but I’m not sure how the other guy doing TI got on.

When’s the big day?
Good luck!


what is my chances of been shortlisted by the BIG 4 . I ma from a very low ranked university with a first class honours in technology and e-coomerce. Employers don’t come to my university for recruitment but I will like to work as a IT consultant.