Deloitte Consulting, Beginning to End


I just received a job offer from Deloitte for consulting last week. As I got a lot of help from this website, I thought I should share my experience with all of you.

Like most firms, the first stage is an online application form. This is pretty standard with questions such as why Deloitte and why Consulting. The next stage is online test. Once again, standard SHL numerical and verbal reasoning tests. There are sample questions and you can do practice tests beforehand with SHL.

Once you have past the online test, the next stage is an e-tray exercise. The exercise consists of two parts, an email answering part and a report writing part. Both parts are very time-pressurised so it is essential that you keep an eye on the clock and plan ahead carefully. If you are stuck on one of the email, move on. The email answering part is one hour long and you have to answer roughly 20 emails. You should spend around 5-10 mins at the start to read all the information and then spend roughly 2 mins per email. You don’t have to actually write a reply, but merely select one of the three options that you think is the best. The report writing part is fair straight forward. There’s no right or wrong answer, it analyses your ability to argue persuasively. You can’t use spell check so make sure your spellings and grammars are correct.

The next stage is an assessment centre. This consists of three parts; a group exercise, a case study and a partner interview. For the group exercise, you will be in a team of eight. You will have 25 mins to agree to a proposal. Each person represents an option and you have to argue your option in front of the team, but the team has to agree on one option is the end. So you have to balance how strongly you want to argue for your case and the need to collaborate and reach a sensible conclusion. After the group exercise, you will have a case study. You will have 15 mins to read the case study before going into your partner interview. Your partner interview is mainly competency based, so make sure you know the seven competencies Deloitte asks for and think of examples when you have demonstrated those competencies. Also prepare for standard questions such as why Deloitte, why consulting and etc. The competency part of the interview lasts for about 45 mins, then you will move on to the case study. The case study part lasts for 15 mins - 30 mins and it is a quite standard business case. Don’t worry too much about it.

You should hear back within 5 days after the assessment centre. If you pass, you will move on to the final stage, the final partner interview. This interview is usually very relaxed. It is more like a chat than an interview. What they are really trying to find out is whether you have the right personality for Deloitte. The final interview involves a short presentation. You will get the title of your presentation when you receive your invitation for the final interview. The presentation assesses your commercial awareness and is followed by 15 mins of Q+A session. Once again, don’t worry too much about it, as long as you have prepared well, you should be fine. After the Q+A session, the interview will ask some questions focusing on your knowledge of Deloitte and the programme. So make sure you know the programme well and prepared for standard questions as why Deloitte and why consulting. They may also ask you curve-ball questions such as tell me about the challenges Deloitte face and give me 3 good points and 3 bad points about consulting. If a question catches you out, just remain calm, take a min to think about it then give a structured answer. Finally, the interview might also ask about division that you are applying to. So if you are applying to technology, they may ask you about recent developments in the technology industry. This is to check that you have a genuine interest in the division you have applied.

After the final interview, you should hear back within 3 working days. Sometimes they may call you the evening of your interview and sometimes it might take longer.

I hope that helps, feel free to leave questions and I will try to answer them asap. Good luck all.


Congratulations, and thank you for the info!

I’m applying for consultancy as well. I have my assessment day next week, and a few questions.

  1. How long does the day last? Some of the forums suggest that I’ll be sitting around for hours…

  2. What can I expect from the case study? I quite enjoyed the case exercise at the E-Tray day (selecting an acquisition target) - is it something similar in the case interview?

Any help would be really appreciated!


The assessment centre last for around 3-4 hours depend on which group you get put into. After the group exercise, you will be split into two groups, the first group will have their case studies and interviews first whilst the second group get a chance to relax.

The case study is quite similar to the one in e-tray exercise. It’s not estimation based but rather it focus on your recommendations and idea generation.

Good luck



Was interesting reading your experience with Deloitte, I myself have a final stage interview, however my order through the process was slightly different.

I’ve applied for the people and programmes division -

My first stage I met with one of the director for a competency interview, I passed that now I am due in again 19th Dec for the following -

final interview with (Partner) - preparation time 1 hr
preparation time and written exercise 2hr
case study interview with (Director) 1hr

I have been told to allow up to 4 hours, I was wondering if you could tell me what to expect in each of these interviews? Or any questions in the partner int.



I believe that it is too late to apply for that position as I can not find the link on line. (Or maybe not?).
So what time would you suggest to apply is the best?


Hi there

I have my assessment centre coming up in a week’s time and I was wondering if anyone could offer me a bit more information regarding the case study? How much info do they give you, what sort of thing is it on, and what do they ask you about in the interview regarding the case study?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.



sorry for the late reply, was on holiday last week. The case study is about 3 pages long. It’s probably not fair for me to tell you exactly what the case study is on but it’s a good idea to have a good understanding of different roles within the Deloitte consulting department, such as technology, people and etc and know what they do. I think they have a variety of case studies anyway so it’s probably not very useful for me to give you the exact title of the case study. The questions they ask are general business-related questions, make sure you have a good commercial awareness and you should be fine.

Good luck


can anyone provide a list (or a link to a thread) of the questions asked in the first interview and the competencies tested?


The first interview takes place on the first assessment day. In my own experience, the interview took place after the group exercise.

The interview lasts about one hour, and consists of two parts: a case study discussion, and a competency discussion.

Before the interview you are given a case study to read over. The first fifteen minutes or so of the interview are a pretty simple discussion of the case. There’s really no preparation you can do for this stage, outside of some basic business acumen, so there is no need to worry.

The next 45 minutes are a test of your personal competencies. Deloitte, on their graduate recruitment website, list competencies they look for in candidates.
You can find them here

You are effectively asked for an example of your own experiences in each area (“give me an example of a time you worked in a team”, etc). Just make sure you have two prepared for each and you will be fine.

Make sure you have some questions prepared for the end of the interview as well. Just relax - they look for personality as well as preparation!

Good luck


Hey I am applying to Deloittes Consulting grad scheme and was wondering if they re-test you on the numerical and verbal test. Reason I ask is because I reckon it took me weeks of practice to finally pass the numerical test and I hope I don’t ever have to go through that again lol…


Re-testing is very rare, so don’t worry!


Hi… was wondering if you could help?

  1. From what I have read so far, I understand that the e-tray exercise requires you to make decisions about which e-mails are high or low priority, and answer multiple choice questions about them. Would it be possible for anyone to give me an example of a simple type of e-mail I may receive, and what the answer would be? Does anyone also have any recommendations of which free online practise tests to try out?

  2. For the second part of the exercise, how is the information presented to you? On which basis would you make a decision about the company to recommend? To anyone who has passed, would you be able to give me an example of the sort of points you made in favour of your argument?

  3. Do Deloitte at any point as you do re-do the numerical/verbal reasoning tests in their assessment centres?

I understand that my questions are asking people to go into a bit of detail (cheeky me) - but your help/answers will be greatly appreciated! This is my first ever interview/ e-tray type of thing, so I am very very nervous!

  1. I did not prioritise my response to the email I just answered logically. I just tried to work quickly and efficiently as they do not save how you answered the questions. I also absorbed the information given before I started responding to the email as the email refers to them so if you are familiar with the attachments that will help.

  2. They presented the information in a table style in that you can see and easily compare the data, there is no right or wrong answer as far as you justify your choice.

  3. I did not get retested and have not seen in any post that this happens so I think it may be possible but rare.



I realise there hasn’t been a post in this thread for a while but I was looking to get some some tips for the online application questions for ‘consulting’ at Deloitte. The two questions centre on ‘reasons for choosing Deloitte’ and what I would expect to be doing in my first year in the consulting service line showing an understanding of the day-to-day role. Was hoping someone could give me some pointers of what would be good to include in the answers?




does anybody have an idea on how it is still possible to be considered for consulting when you undergraduate is a 2.2 but one is currently doing a MAster at a really good Business School?
Maybe ideas on how best to tackle something like this? I appreciate all kind of input!



Has anyone here completed a summer internship in Consulting with Deloitte? Or does anyone know what it involves? I’m struggling to fill out the application form question about what I’ll be doing day to day on the summer internship program as the information on the site is minimal. Please help! :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:


hey! i just got called in for the final interview and was wondering if you could tell me how much in advance do they usually let you know the presentation topic?!



congrats on getting to the final interview. I have my first interview coming up soon. just wondering if you could pass on any tips re questions and the general interview atmosphere?

many thanks