Deloitte Consulting Assessment Centre


I have an Assessment Centre Booked for Deloitte next week and would appreciate any advice/help on how to go about it.

I have:

  • Group Exercise
  • Partner Interview which I know is quite subjective
  • Case Study and Presentation
  • Written Exercise and E-tray

I am most worried about the E-tray and written exercise and would appreciate any advice from someone who has completed their assessment centre at Deloitte.


Hello pink788,

Cud u share your experiences of the Deloitte’s Assessment day?

Specially about the topic of presentation. Is it necessary to prepare the presentation in advance or will they give you a topic to prepare the presentation on?



What consulting division are you applying for? And when was your 1st round interview?

Deloitte are not in my good books at the moment.

As I understand it, I don’t think the consulting line uses the e-tray, but uses a written case study instead.


I had my consulting assessment centre with Deloitte last week and was lucky enough to get an offer. As i’m sure you know it’s a full day thing with lunch included (pizza express, not too shabby). It all kicks off with an E-tray (based on the Trafford Lea scenario on the website) which if I’m being honest is pretty straightforward so I would recommend against scouring through the internet doing practice ones because they will probably just get you more worried. All you have to do is answer e-mails with a multiple choice response based on info given to you and common sense. Stuff like who to contact for certain types of info based on an organisational chart and who to put on tasks based on tables outlining their skills and availability. It’s pretty simple so I wouldn’t lose sleep about it.

Then comes the written exercise which is based on the same case, and you have to write an e-mail response about which of 3 possible companies should be acquired. It’s one of those where it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you back it up with sound reasoning. You also have to kind of make rough notes as you have to present your choice to the partner at the end of the day. I mean I ended just repeating what I said in the e-mail, elaborating on things I didn’t have time to type in.

Then after lunch, where you get to pick the brains of Deloitte analysts, comes the group exercise. Pretty standard scenario where you’re given a brief and as a group have to come up with the best solution. But I must say that I thought it was a very poor group exercise, designed to fail. In mine everyone was given different info to argue and the task was stupid, it was an absolute shambles. In the partner interview afterwards when he asked how I though it went, I was honest and said it was terrible and that we weren’t efficient at all and made the wrong decision. He agreed and said that was a more favourable answer than if I had bullshitted about working well as a team and being cohesive, because we were not. Then after the brief presentation on the written exercise from earlier in the day, you get the usual motivational stuff like why Deloitte, who else have you applied for, what do you think you will be doing blah blah. The best advice I can give is be honest and don’t blag because the interviewer will be onto you in a second. He asked me something that I didn’t know the answer to and as I began talking out my ass, he stopped me and told me the answer. My guy was very quick to get the right info out of me and although he was nice enough, he was very much about getting to the point, so like I said don’t talk crap. I blagged some of my competency interview as I’m sure some of you did but the partner one is different. If you can stay clam, be confident and make your points clear and concise you should be fine.

They rang me like 20 minutes after I had left with the news so you will know fairly quickly how you did. The whole day before you go may seem daunting but they make you comfortable and it really isn’t that bad. You’re not in competition with the other candidates so can develop good relationships with them, although mine were complete douchbags thinking they were the dogs bollocks and trying to dominate everything (including lunch!). It doesn’t impress. I was confident in myself and honest in my answers and got through

Good luck


@Tasos Droulias

Hi! congratulations on your offer!
which division in consulting did you apply to?

I have one question regarding the stage of recruitment after the online testing… would you mind sharing your experience?

Your account of the AC is really insightful, however, i am just at the beginning of the process :slight_smile: and I would appreciate any inputs…

many thanks


I went for human capital.

Ok well after the online tests is the competency interview, and I’ve got to be honest I thought it went terrible I can’t believe I got through. You have a case study you read first and make notes on, then the interviewer asks you questions about it at the END of the interview which was a bit annoying because I forgot most of it and can’t read my own handwriting. The interview has standard competency questions like ‘a time when you worked as a team’ and ‘a time when you had to overcome a challenge’ and all that I’m sure everyone has pre-prepared answers for that. What I will say is that they are very quick to interrupt you and get the right info out of you if you’re not answering the question properly. I thought that meant I was doing badly but clearly it just meant they wanted to make sure what your contribution was to the situations you say and what you learned from them. So be precise, concise, and make sure you make these things absolutely clear. Then there’s other stuff about what has lead you to this point like uni, subject choice, travelling (I had taken a gap year). Just be honest about your motivation, they can tell if you’re reeling off a pre-prepared answer about ‘why Deloitte is No. 1 for you’. And of course there is all the why Deloitte and why consulting stuff.

As for the case study at the end, they spring an extra little bit of info on you during the interview and give you a calculator to do some calculations. I got immensely confused, did no calculations and thought I answered his questions poorly. The questions are as you might expect like issues the company in the case study might have and solutions. But the whole case study just completely went over me, so I would say read it carefully and don’t panic at the mass of info. just take away the important bits, and for gods sake make notes as you read!! You know looking back, how the hell did I get through


wow, sounds like an intense experience! Oh gosh, I wonder if it’s so difficult as it seems :))

did you have to retake the online tests at any point during your recruitment?
I do have some phobia regarding verbal tests, just wondering whether I can expect them to crop up again in the process…


they say that to make sure you don’t cheat in the first place. I haven’t heard of anyone being retested at another stage, but they do have the right to do it so you never know!?! I just wouldn’t prepare or revise for one and focus on the main thing, you’d be incredibly unlucky to get a retest!


hi guys

those of you who have experienced deloitte recruitment process, how long does it take to know the outcome of the 1st round?

i had my 1st round on monday but no updates yet…should i take it as bad sign?


For anyone who’s had a 1st round consulting interview, would anybody be so kind as to mention what topic their case study was on and what kind of questions were asked? Many thanks.


Hi AC98005

I’m not sure is it too late for you but I have placed my experience up on the Audit AC thread:

Basically, I seemed to have a bit different experience to others. I was only asked two specific competency qs. However, I think the most important thing in preparation is to have your examples known through so that you can adapt them depending on the wording of the question.

What area are you applying to?


Hi all,

I had my assessment centre for consulting and I didn’t get through. The most disappointing part was the feedback. After I requested I received an email from the recruiter ( 10 min later) with general stuff that people fail to succed during an interview. They didn’t mention in which area I failed, just said I didn’t perform well at the group exercise and partner interview.

I was surprised because I thought that they went pretty well. I had a good conversation with the partner and he seemed quite interested in me., but who knows.

Has anyone else received a feedback email from Deloitte?


Sorry to hear that, but truth is, most employers dont seem to care too much about the rejected candidates…Some of them have a standard feedback which they send when candidates ask for it.

I have heard similar things about PwC too, could this be a consulting thing then? no clue…


Yeah it sounds like it. They sell it as they are making you a big favour so you can learn from your mistakes, but if they don’t say in which competencies I didn’t score well, how can I improve myself? Well never mind. Now I am almost without alternatives, just KPMG left.