Deloitte Consulting - Application


Hi guys
Im thinking of reapplying to Deloitte after they rejected me last year, Im pretty sure the reason was due to my answers in the career motivation section, I was quite surprised really as I never had a problem with these sorts of questions.

1 Through your research and in your own words please explain five key reasons why you are interested in joining Deloitte
Where I put things like breadth of services, focus on collaboration, good training etc

2 Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients
Where I said general consulting things such as, identify / solve problems, react to change, gain advantages, develop new tech and strategies

3 Please let us know what you think you will be doing in your first year on your chosen programme and service line
Where I said the standard tasks one would be involved in (researching companies/client data, documenting etc)

Any ideas where I totally missed the mark from last year? I really am keen on Deloitte


I pretty much said the same things and got past the first stage. .maybe in #3 you might want to show that you are ready to give more innitiative and not just do the boring work (even though you may well be doing it)… just a small hint… good luck!


Hi has anyone got through to the Interview / psychometric testing stage of the Deloitte application process yet? Anyone have any advice for that?

Many thanks