Deloitte Consulting 2013 Full - Time


Hello everyone!

I got an email saying I passed the e-tray exercise, filled in the questionnaire and now it is interview time.

Can anyone please tell me what the first-round interview is going to be like? I think the process has changed this year compared to previous years and I would very much appreciate any help!


Hey Contrelas, well done on passing the online tests! I applied for consulting too and did the numerical test yesterday. Don’t know whether I passed it yet, but hope so! Could you please share the e-tray experience? Did you feel you had enough time to complete the task, did you find it at all difficult?
Good luck with the interview!:slight_smile:


Hey, so anyone got any tips and hints on the first round deloitte interviews for consulting?


Could anyone, please, share what was the first round in consulting like?

I have an interview this Friday. Is there commercial awareness in the first round?
Thanks in advance!


Hey guys, I’ve applied for the management consulting grad scheme and I’ve passed all the online tests and completed the service line questionnaire. However, I recently saw on their website that all positions within strategy consulting are full. They haven’t emailed me to say anything. Anybody have any advice?


Passed etray, waiting for service line choice email. Does anyone know if the format for the first interview is the same as last year?


anybody got info on deloitte consulting first round?


Called them last week and hopefully it should be some time next week or the week after. I applied in October.


Hey everyone, I received a Deloitte Consulting 2013 Offer at the end of last year and this website really helped me so I thought I would try and answer any questions people may have, apologies if my memory is a bit hazy from the long process!

The first interview is split into essentially two tasks, the group interview first, and the Case Study and HR interview are combined.

The group interview consisted of a situation where each person receives a card with a description of their town, with each town as a candidate to be picked to be the foundation of a big project. These cards all have advantages and disadvantages of their town and suitability to the project, so it is your job to showcase why your town could be a potential candidate for the project.

The case study can not be prepared for, you have a relatively short time to read a case, usually about a merger between two firms, and you can write some notes on whatever key points you can deduce. There are also some statistics questions that can come up. You won’t know what questions they will ask you till you are in the interview so think of the kind of things they may ask, advantages, disadvantages, key stakeholders, other effects etc.

The final part is the competency interview. All questions asked are based on the competencies found on Deloitte’s website. Try and have two answers for each one in case they would like a second example if your first example did not cover anything. From what I remember, I was asked on an example of solving a problem, working in a team, achievement of a goal I was proud of, and why I want to work for Deloitte. Just remember the STAR format of answering these kinds of questions, and try have some interesting questions prepared at the end.

Hope this helps, and I’ll try and help a bit more if I can.


Hi! I just got scheduled for my final interview with Deloitte for consulting and was hoping if anyone who has given it by now could help out with what kind of topics did you get and what should be the main thing to prepare for?
Also I’d be happy to help anyone whose in the previous stages for any guidance needed on what to expect!


Hi H.Irfan,

I attended the first round interview on Monday of this week for technology consulting. How soon after this round did you hear if you had made the final round? I haven’t heard anything yet.



Hey! I heard in about 2 weeks or so! dont worry they take some time as this time of the year their most busy with applications!


are these posts applicable to Deloitte risk consulting as well? Or for just management consulting offers?


Hi Dlt_Grad
I have my Deloitte AS coming up for an experienced hire position as a Programme Leadership consultant. I have to do a written exercise/essay, case study, case study presentation interview, group exercise and partner interview.

I was wondering if anyone out there has recently had an AS for a Programme Leadership consulting role and, if so, could you please tell me what your essay question or case study was? Many of the Deloitte posts seem to be for Audit positions so I was wondering if the types of questions/case studies are different for PL.

Thanks for your help