Deloitte Consulting 2012


I’ve applied to Deloitte for Consulting (2012 entry). I’ve tried looking through the forums to find some information on the application process at Deloitte, but its been pretty unsuccessful, so i’ve created this topic where hopefully people can provide and gather information on the whole ordeal.
My first question, I have my E-tray day coming up soon, what should I expect?!
I’ve read through the information provided by Deloitte on the website ( but I was hoping someone who had actually been through the process firsthand could offer some advice.


Hi Chris,

I went through mine a few days ago and found out today that I was successful. It really is nothing to worry about, and not something that you need to prepare for because it tests you there and then, and not on any specific knowledge.

I’ve also applied to Consulting 2012 entry in London, and had my e-tray in Birmingham earlier this week as that office is closest to me. The day consisted of:

10:10 - I arrived, chatted to other candidates;

10:30 - Deloitte HR person came and collected us, took us into meeting room filled with laptops around the table;

10:35 - Process explained;

10:40 - First Assessment: e-tray: essentially a simulation of an inbox, requiring you to assimilate key information from ‘folders’ and respond to ‘emails’ with an appropriate response. Each email has three response options. Sometimes there are simple calculations, or organising - for example - who might be available to work on what project when, depending on expertise and availability.

11:40 - First Assessment complete: I had responded to all emails that needed a response and had about 7 minutes to spare at the end. So I went and got a coffee.

11:50 - Second Assessment: Written Exercise: Following in chronological order after the ‘events’ of the e-tray, we were then asked to ‘write an email to our line manager’ who has asked for a decision on what to advise a company board, at a board meeting, forty minutes from now. There was a choice of three companies, you had to choose one and argue for it. The test assessed your ability in terms of content, but also writing style and clarity of written language and all that.

12:30 - Assessment complete. Off you go.

Simple as that really, no messing about.

Hope this helps! There’s even more stuff about the Deloitte e-tray knocking about on here so do have a look.

Best of luck,



Hey Will did you pass the E-tray?


Yep, now waiting to hear when I go for the fast track day.


I got invited for a fast track day but Deloitte didn’t confirm my place! So I’ve got to complete the etray before the partner interview and group exercise. Anyway hope you get yours soon.


Thanks so much for your help Will, I took my E-tray exercise and it was practically identical in nature to the one you described. I heard back within a couple of days that i’d passed, and i’m not scheduled in for a first round interview on Friday (they aren’t running any fast-track days at the moment).

So, if anyone is worried about their E-tray exercise, it pretty much happens as described above. We were told NOT to use word to copy and paste (for spellcheck) as this would crash the system. With regards to strategy for the exercises (there are two, one responding to email queries and the other compiling an email to a senior member) its going to depend a lot on how you work under pressure. I like to work thoroughly, but in some cases (like this one) i knew i just didnt have enough time. They are clearly testing how you work under pressure, so just stay calm and work as efficiently and accurately as you can. I know for a fact I got at least one of the responses wrong, and I also left one email with no answer (I thought it better to leave it than to take a 33% guess… Its one i knew would take me several minutes to work out and by the end i just didnt have enough time…) In the second exercise, try and keep an eye on your spelling and grammar all the way through. I’d planned to come back through and double check but the final 5-10 minutes of the exercise blew straight by and by the time I signed off on my email i checked and only had 30 seconds left! I’m certain in the second exercise there are no right or wrong answers, its all about your argument. If you can provide a logical, concise argument for your choice (and a few points against the others) I’m sure your answer will be “correct”.



So now i’m scheduled for an interview on Friday. Is there anyone else on this forum thats going to be in London for a consulting interview on Friday 14th at 9am?

From what I gather from the information provided by Deloitte, I can expect a competency based interview and a group exercise. Will, could you give me any more insider information on this?! What will the group exercise involve? I’m guessing something like reading through some information on a company, and compiling some sort of a presentation in a small group?
As far as the competencies go, i’m feeling fairly confident in all of them except the dreaded Commercial Awareness… Is this likely to come up? Any recommendations on the best way to deal with it? What are they actually looking for?

Again, thanks for all the help with my E-tray, and i’d really appreciate any further help with this first round interview.



Hi again Chris,

Congrats on passing the etray. You seem to be right in there being little information out there about the nitty gritty details of the process. I had my first round interview last week, so here are the general details:

8:45am - Arrive, sign in, take a seat upstairs (I was in their London offices). I found that we were all there for consulting, but of varying sorts - some finance, some open applications, etc.;

9am - Get taken through in whole group briefed by HR guy about the group exercise. This was a timed discussion between the group, where we needed to come to a decision by the end of the time allotted. In our case, the members of the group represented different towns/cities and were advocating their use for a large upcoming sporting event, where we had to choose one. This consisted of 5 minutes of reading time, and 20 minutes of discussion. The assessors came in after the first five minutes and the only things they said during the whole process were that we needed to end and provide a decision. MANAGE YOUR TIME CAREFULLY - we were out by almost five minutes for some reason, I recommend using a countdown on a phone if you have that function. As it was, we rushed our decision.

9:45am - End of group discussion. Provided with a case study to read through describing a council wanting to merge services. Took notes on this on the document and on a separate sheet.

10am - Interview starts. First 25 minutes is competency based, based on their competencies. Next 25 minutes is career motivation (why consultancy, why Deloitte) and, yes, commercial awareness. Final 25 minutes is questions regarding the case study. If you’re prepared for this, have notes and your wits about you, you’ll be fine.

11:15am - Off you go, that’s the end.

Times varied amongst us because we were all getting interviewed at different times because there were more to be assessed than there were assessors.

Commercial awareness is fine, because there’s actually loads to talk about at the moment that would impact on the work that a firm like Deloitte would do. For example:

ICB & banking reforms
Eurozone Crisis
(Yet firms like Deloitte remaining bullish in their strategy, particularly in recruiting)
PwC overtaking Deloitte as largest professional services firm
EU Commission looking into whether or not regulation should separate consultancies from the audit sides of business…


Anyway, hope it all goes well.

All best,



Hi Will,
Thanks for the information, and for the couple of points to get me started with commercial awareness. I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday!

Did you hear back Deloitte about the outcome of your first round interview?


hey will, nice one, this is really helpful!

i also have my a/c soon. what kind of commercial awareness questions were you asked?


Hellooo for anyone who has had their first interview how long did it take for them to get back to you? My interviewer said 2 days and it’s been 4…


Hey Qwerty, I had my first round interview last Friday, and I heard from them first thing this morning (I was expecting to hear within 3 days, but I gather they are pretty busy at the moment. One of my friends waited nearly two weeks to hear he had passed so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Again, the first round interview was almost identical to how you’d explained Will, so thanks again… It really helps settle the nerves when you at least know the sort of structure to expect!

Will, (or anyone else who could help me for that matter!) I’ve been told I will be invited for the final interview, but to expect a wait… Did you have to wait for your partner interview? How long for?


I was told exactly the same thing. I was sent a holding email whilst, I suppose, they figure out dates and times their end.

I still have not heard yet two weeks later. So… I’ll just have to wait some more I guess!


I know this thread is about applying for consulting but I am applying for Tax and have my competency interview on tuesday and guess it will be the same as the competencies for both are the same. Do all of the competencies get asked? or what are the most common ones that come up? Does decision making get asked for? Thanks for the tips on commercial awareness! I was also struggling to find these too. Where did you find was best to read about whats affecting deloitte and your service line?
Thanks so much for the help!


Hey Will,
Thanks for the update, I guess they’ve got a bit of a backlog now with candidates and the availability of partners to interview them!
If you’ve been waiting a couple of weeks already, i’m guessing it can’t be much longer?
Best of luck with it, let me know how it goes!


I can’t really tell you with any certainty how it goes at the Tax interviews, but I guess the competencies are the same so i’ll do my best…
In my competencies interview for Consulting I was asked about pretty much all of them I think… Including decision making. Decision making may be more key for Consulting than Tax though, so there may not be such an emphasis?
Just taking a quick look through the forums, there are lots of threads referring to Deloitte in the Professional Services area…
They all seem to refer to Audit, Tax, Financial Advisory etc, which is why I started this one for Consulting. Take a look through those threads and I hope they help you more than I can!

Also, I think this one refers specifically to Tax -

Good Luck tomorrow!


Chris were you interviewed on the fri morn or afternoon?

And zoe i didn’t get asked annnny commercial awareness- but for consulting we had to do a case study so tried to get some commercial awareness stuff in there.
i got asked about goals (i mentioned two… a work related one and then a personal achievement), when i had to organise something and then i incorporated team work into that and then that kind of rolled onto me just talking about team work… the interviewer just picks up on what you’re saying and then uses that for her next question if that makes sense. as for what’s affecting deloitte you could talk about pwc over taking them, the olympics, eurozone crisis (might affect importting/exporting etc).
my interviewer was so so nice, we ended up just having general chit chat at one point so don’t worry too much. like chris said read all the links on wiki job because they are really helpful and good luck!


I had my interview and it went fine, not as bad as i was expecting anyway. It was pretty much as you said because all the competencies are the same for all employees so thanks for the help! I’m hoping to hear by friday if I will be getting a partner interview and will probably get asked commercial awareness stuff then (i only got one commercial awareness question at first interview-what issues do you think deloitte faces at the moment?)
Good Luck and hope you get good news!


Glad it went well. Good luck!

(I have a post above that lists some current issues. Since then, the OFT has recommended the Competition Commission look at the Big 4 in terms of audit competition fyi.)




I have my First Round interview is this Thrusday. Will and Chris, the information you’ve posted is very useful. Thanks.

I am a bit uncertain how to answer the commercial awareness question. I can read up on the current topics and talk about them, but do they expect some suggestions to solve their problems? Should I end with a rosy picture of the future for Deloitte? I am unsure.

An in the group exercise, is the group suppose to come to a consensus on one town to host the event? Will the assessors ask the group to justify the choice?

Thanks a lot guys.