Deloitte Consultancy September 2015 intake


Yeah I’m going to accept it. Haven’t joined the facebook group yet.


Ok cool, guess i’ll see you in September :slight_smile:


Hope it went well for you. Out of interest, was your interview based on just one project or did you have the chance to talk about multiple? X


Hey do you have any tips for the first round interview? I have an assessment centre on monday for an internship consisting of a group exercise/case study/interview… Any tips would be very very appreciated :slight_smile: Well done on your success - i’m very jealous! x


Hey i’ve got the same for an internship, do you have any advice? would be very grateful!


Hey, how was it? Do you have any advice on how I can prepare?


Hey could you shed some light on this? Thank you xxxx


Hey did you get questioned on one single project in the interview or did you have the opportunity to talk about a number of different activities? Any tips would be very appreciated!! Julie x


Hi all,

I had my final partner interview for Deloitte Digital on Wednesday, but haven’t heard back from them so far… How long does it normally take for them to get back to you? I have an impression it is normally very quick - 1 or 2 working days so I am starting to think it must be a ‘no’ for me.
Anyone ever waited longer than that?


How would you recommend preparing for the case study? I am v nervous about it for an internship interview!


Thanks, it went really well, I’ve been invited back for a partner interview :slight_smile:
Mine was just based on one project, but I’ve heard that they might ask for another example if they don’t have enough information, so it’s good to have a couple of examples ready.


Congras! When was your first interview and how long did you wait for the reply? I have had my couple of days ago and still havent heard anything from them :S starting to worry a bit now


I found out after 4 working days and it was a yes, So don’t be panicking and good luck!


My first round interview was on Wednesday afternoon, and I heard back on Friday, but I think it all depends on how quickly your interviewer sorts it out, so don’t worry :slight_smile:


I’ve been invited to my partner interview, what sort of questions should I expect?


Is your interview for Digital? If so there is a technical interview with some basic technical questions, a coding exercise and just talking generally about projects you have worked on. Then you have a presentation to do and you get asked more general questions like why Deloitte? what do you think you could offer etc. more of a chat than set questions I found.


No, it’s for analytics, so I think I just have the presentation and then the questions. Thanks though!


I also had my final interview for Deloite Digital on Wednesday, I had applied for a business/strategy role. I revived an email on Monday informing me that I had been successful, but they had no space to me me an offer, and instead I could go straight to partner interview in 2016 or go on a waiting list incase anyone backed out.


I passed the partner interview for analyst positions at deloitte digital but they aren’t giving out any more offers now since they have invited enough people to join in September. I was told we have to wait whether any spaces will free up or we can so be fast tracked into 2016 intake… :frowning:


Same here:( just added a comment about that below. I wonder what the chance of spaces becoming available are…