Deloitte Consultancy September 2015 intake


Hey guys, just got an offer from Deloitte - so happy! In terms of your questions:

  • andycracknell70 I was always emailing Noreen Hanif…but tbh I got every time contacted by a different person so well I’d suggest you to stick to the HR that contacted you
  • bajamno Partner interview was good: presentation of 5 min (for this I worked quite a lot) and then he asked 2 questions about the presentation (really nothing difficult - if you know your topic you know how to answer) + “value based questions” (here got bombarded with stuff like “how would you manage work-life balance at Deloitte? tell me about a time whee you where inspired and excited to learn more about a topic? what’s the biggest lesson you learnt in life? etc”…it’s more to check your values than competencies…and most of the questions are actually based on what you answer in the previous ones so it’s really customized to the candidate. Just be yourself: they appreciate it
  • eva.long.752 had the first round in the beg of Dec
    Good luck you all guys!


Hi Guys,

I’ve just received an offer for financial consulting so if you have any questions, feel free to ask !


Hey Congratz! how long did you wait after partner interview ?


Thanks :slight_smile: Had my interview on Friday 13th (worst day for an interview) and got the offer this morning ! Have you had yours?


I have my first round interview for consulting - technology this week, do you have any tips/any questions that surprised you?


What sort of questions did you get in your first round interview?


There was a group exercise followed by a case study and the interview with a manager. Mine was very informal and felt more like a long chat. However i was asked stuff like tell me about your biggest challenge, where do you see yourself in 5 years, biggest achievement, why Deloitte and not something that pays more. Hope that helps ! feel free to ask any more questions !


That’s great, thanks! :slight_smile:


No worries ! They also ask you to tell them about your work experience. My honest advice is to just be yourself and show them your personality! Find something in common with the interviewer and that will allow for a nice chat alongside the interview !


Congradulations man!! What was the partner interview like? How was the presentation?? Any tips? Thanks


I’m a girl but thanks haha. The partner interview wasn’t very long, about 45 mins ! The presentation was fine - Make sure you stick to the time limit and i’d recommend standing up as its more professional. To be honest the partner barely looks at you during it and it writing most of the time ! Apart from that my interview was really chilled out and i was asked alot of value based questions like why do you think curiosity is important, what would you do if you were given a really boring piece of work to do, how flexible are you with working away from home etc ! Hope that helps !


I had it today:) similar questions asked haha. Fingers crossed!!


Hey, how long did you wait to hear back after your first interview? I had mine for financial consulting 6 weeks ago and have heard nothing since! Cheers


Hey ! I had my first round pretty late on 27th feb so i heard back a week later ! just chase them up and ring them to check - I’m pretty sure they’re running behind on interviews !


Hey, I had my final round for financial consulting on Friday 13th as well and got my offer this Monday. Have you received your contract? Also what was your service line?


Hey ! what time was your interview ? I might have seen you at the office ! Literally just got an email with the offer letter. They said you will get a contract 6 weeks before your start date !


Hey .It was at 9.30. Also I received my offer letter now as well. Do you know when we start? September?


Ah, mine was at 11:30. I’m not sure its the autumn intake so will either be early September or October! Might give them a call and ask if they know roughly when it will be


Oh cool. Let me know what they say. Are you definitely accepting the offer? So I guess we will be working together.


I will do. Yeah I’m pretty sure i’m going to accept, you? haha yes i guess we will be working together. Have you joined the facebook group?