Deloitte Consultancy September 2015 intake


Hi @Haloatest

I’ve been told the same information. It’s nice to know what’s going on as, like pmyjnt said, communication has been so bad and that’s whaf makes the process frustrating. However my biggest problem is that it’s very well and good for them to say we’ll interview in January but by that point a lot of people will have been made offers by other firms who have managed to get themselves together. They say they want the best people but those people are not going to turn down offers from other big companies on the off chance deloitte manage to get round It giving out dates for first round interviews, quote “sometime in the new year”. Deloitte, like for many others I would guess, is a no. 1 choice. But if someone else offers me a job first I’ll have no choice but to take it. And that is the most frustrating part of it all.


Has anyone passed first round interview for consulting and got a date for partner interview? anyone know when Deloitte are looking to schedule in partner interviews?


I have my first interview coming up, can anyone give me any advice pls?


@ pmyjy and @ breaking_bad: hi guys, I have received one more update from Deloitte and they said they’re not sending any more an “invite for interview slots this month, to schedule an interview in the next one”, but that they’ll send interview option “in the new year”, very generically, and that there might be “some delays”. This approach of “invite for interview slots this month for interview in the next one”, and following withdrawal and post-position of the arrangement of one month each time, has been repeated every single month since September… this is the 4th time! I am very surprised that a company as Deloitte has not been able to deliver on time what promised and is rescheduling months after month. They are super efficient: this is very unusual and it’s hard to believe the interviews for the financial stream had to be re-planned 4 times… with delays of months…

Maybe they realized they don’t have capacity for new hires in that stream and to not say that they they keep delaying? So they don’t reject anyone without assessing them first, but people walk away on their own for other companies who have been more consistent in scheduling interviews and assessments? Or maybe they don’t have any more capacity in London and they want to shift candidates to regional offices, and they wait to see who is so motivated to wait so long and to accept even to relocate in order to work for them? I have really no idea at all, but I find hard to believe it’s accidental.


@haloatest: Yep I think it’s safe to say we all received that e-mail yesterday. I’ve just concluded that there’s no real point in trying to second guess what’s going on. They’ve said they’re changing their recruitment process, which is true - I have a friend on their team and it’s all changing, if you want further evidence of it then check their new website which changed in the last month or two.

Oh and also, Deloitte have been notoriously unreliable in recruitment in my personal experience. I have a couple of friends who have moaned to me about how long it takes from previous years.

Anyway, what will be, will be. We’ve all tried contacting them to find out more and it hasn’t worked. Personally I’m just going to enjoy my holidays and keep going with other companies and hopefully get an interview with Deloitte in the new year. For those who obtain other offers - let’s put it in perspective, it’s not a bad thing. Oh, and it may even give you the opportunity to blackmail Deloitte. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your holidays.


I’ve just been told I passed the assessment centre for Deloitte and they’d be in touch to schedule a final round interview
Does anyone know if you have to book it in yourself like you did for the AC or do they call you?


Has anyone been invited to a partner interview for the consulting September 2015 intake? If so have you been able to book into a slot for interview?


Has anyone been invited to an interview for Actuarial Consulting for grad 2015 intake?


Hey, is this the first stage of the process for Monitor Deloitte? I am just wondering whether it is a telephone or face-to-face interview as I have one coming up… Thanks!


Hii, I wonder if you have had the first stage AC yet? Do you mind sharing some insights on interview/case studies? I have one for Management consulting - Finance coming up… Much appreciated !! : ))


I passed the AC on 19th December and am invited to a partner interview but have heard absolutely nothing from them! Pretty shocked at Deloitte’s recruitment team


Hi is anyone still waiting for an interview from Deloitte? :confused:


Did you book the partner interview online or did they call you? I’m still waiting for mine
I think it depends on the partner i know people that got told a few hours after the interview and others that had to wait a week for their offer


Hey just wonder when did you have your first round?


Ok thanks for letting me know! It’s so frustrating to wait so long for their feedback. Btw they called me 5 days before my final interview - giving me two days as an option. Obviously I picked one of those even though they were not optimal as I didn’t want to wait for another month. But I’ve to say I put quite a bit of pressure on them to get the slot cos I was really tired of waiting (did my first interview in the beginning of Dec!)


Hey there! I’ve finally been invited for Partner interview at Deloitte (Finance Consulting). Had my interview last week. Have you been able to book a slot? I just feel they’re incredibly slow and well after my Partner interview the HR said “we’re gonna let you know within 3 working days”…yeah sure! Is there any chance you know when I should expect their call? Thanks!


Deloitte always gives short notice before interviews… Good luck! How long did you wait for them to get back to you after your first round?


Hey. I hope it goes well for you. How was the partner interview?? Is it still the same structure i.e presentation or??
Thanks and Good luck


Thanks I’ll try and be a bit more patient then! Just out of interest who did you call/email? I just keep getting genetic responses from grad recruitment
Btw I know someone who LinkedIn the partner they interviewed with 5 days after asking about when they’d receive an offer and he got a response straight away with an offer! (but I personally wouldn’t do that I think it’s a bit too in your face!)


Hello! I was wondering what your AC was like? I have mine in 2 days ( super short notice!) I am not sure how to prepare! What was your experience like? What sort of thing came up in the written exercises?

Thank you!!