Deloitte Consultancy September 2015 intake


HI, I had the same problem and sent them an email and they got back to me pretty quickly with what I had to do.
They do say you need to reapply because it’s a different program, but all you have to do is send them an answer to one competency question and they’ll put you through to the strategy programme so that you wont have to go through the whole process again. I think its just because strategy people have a slightly different application process compared to normal consulting people.


Hi guys, been called up for an interview ( Forensics- Financial Crime Graduate programme) well it’s gonna be assessments first and one on one interview will follow. Please share competency based questions that were asked. Thank you in advance.


Hi nkalipho- just wondering how long you waited before getting invited for interview?? i’ve been waiting just over a month!


I received a call from them yesterday, i was told i will be contacted in due course regarding the interview. Which country are you from ?


Ok. so you only finished your online tests yesterday? or had you finished them ages ago and only got the call now? I’m from the UK!


I’m in the same position, passed the online tests then 2 weeks later got the service kind questionnaire and it’s been another 2 weeks so I’m just waiting on interview dates


Good luck Andy


has anyone heard back from deloitte regarding first interview?


I got an email a couple of days ago saying sorry for the delay the ACs will be at the end of October early November and they’d send me a list of dates within the next week or so


oh ok! when did you apply? and have you applied for consulting?


Hi Guys!!

Just wondering if any of you have completed your interview yet for Deloitte Management Consulting, September 2015 intake??

I’m waiting to hear back when my interview is and would greatly appreciate any input… esp about the case study in the first interview as this is what i’m most nervous about!!

thanks so much :slight_smile:


Everyone else get their dates? Ill be having mine on tuesday.

Anyone know what the case study will be like?


I still haven’t heard anything other than a lot of “we haven’t forgotten you” emails. What stream of consultancy have you been put into tom?


Good luck, hope it all goes well. Which stream are you interviewing for? Mines on 12th December


@tomwilliamp I also got mine on tuesday. I also wanted to know whether the case study will be within the hour of the first round interview.


Has anyone been through the first round interview with Deloitte? Are you questioned on ONE single project, or can you talk about different projects/activities for different competencies?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi everyone.

Just wanted to know if anyone is still waiting to be given dates for their first interview / AC. I applied for Consulting (Finance) back in September and I’ve had so many of those annoying “we haven’t forgotten about you emails” but am still waiting. I’ve emailed and I was told just to wait. I’m getting a little concerned as I was told on the phone back in October that I was first on the list of people as I’d applied so early and no-one was in front of me and yet people (including those applying for consulting) have already had their first interviews /ACs. Anyone in a similar position?

Thanks for any help and good luck to everyone with upcoming interviews.


Breaking_bad : I’m in the exact same position, had passed the screening back in September and got probably 6 emails or so saying exactly that. Emailed them yesterday but haven’t got a response yet. There have been a few slots come available on the website but they disappear immediately. You’re right though, some people had ACs last week and have already been offered jobs. No idea what else to do, but I’m not holding out much hope!


@ breaking_bad: I have passed the tests for Finance Consulting in early September as well, and I have called the HRs this Monday, the 8th to, check is my application had gone lost, as I have heard as well many have been offered jobs and I was worrying to not being interviewed before they reached the cap, as recruiting is on-rolling for what I’ve got.

HOWEVER: the HR in charge of the graduate consulting told me that they haven’t started yet to interview for the FINANCIAL CONSULTING stream, and said they’ll send available slots in a few weeks, to interview in JANUARY.

@ pmyjy: I had red in previous posts that you had been put into Financial for a fast track, as other candidates too. So I thought you had been interviewed… But if they haven’t interviewed neither the Fast Truck for the FINANCIAL CONSULTING stream, then we are all at the same point of the recruitment process for that constituting stream.
By the way, did they tell you why you was in a FAST TRUCK? Had you applied before and they had no places left, so now they interview first those who didn’t have the time to interview the first time? Or why some have been invited to the Fast Truck (which doesn’t seem that fast) and others not?

It seems that this year they are interviewing thousands if they’re behind of months and months on the recruiting schedule that they keep delaying…



When I first passed the screening it said I was going to be invited to a fast track but now that part has gone on the online portal so I’m not sure anymore. I had applied quite early, passed the screening during mid september so have been waiting a full 3 months now. Haven’t heard of anyone who has had a financial consulting interview but have spoken to others who have (and have got a job) in other areas.

They did say that they were changing the application process and to be fair to them they have also completely revamped the website. Communication has been very poor though.