Deloitte Consultancy 2014


just wondering who is considering applying to the consultancy branch of Deloitte when application open in July?

I’m graduating this summer and originally applied for 2013 start but didn’t apply early enough; my preferred service line (Customer) got filled up and I was offered either an interview for the technology or to push back my application for 2014, I chose the latter.

Thought I would start a new thread for 2014. Feel free to discuss service line preferences, hints/tips etc.


I did the same - for customer consulting as well. Have you had a first interview yet, or waiting on the final?


I chose to reapply in July, so I’m waiting for applications to open atm.


I am as well… But they fast track you from the position you were at for the 2013 application…, you don’t need to start from the very beginning


Hi AnisaFudge, HI jlwimp

I also applied for Customer Consulting last year. I am at the final interview stage and I hope to arrange my interview asap. What stage of the applications are you at?


Same position. I called early last week and they said they will send an email by July 1 directing us on the process to fast track for 2014. I imagine they first need to know who is still interested and put our applications back in process from 2013, which would take a little longer than just scheduling an interview.


I guess we just have to wait for the email which should be coming this week. They also seemed to suggest that there are only a few of us waiting for a final interview for the Customer service line. Hopefully that will work in our favour.


I’m waiting to have my first interview, eagerly waiting for an email now!


just had an email saying applications cannot be transferred to the customer competency I’ve emailedto clarify if this means I have to reapply or the customer competency is not open this year.


Hm, I haven’t received an email yet. The bad news could still be on the way though :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, I would just call them. Don’t bother with emailing, a response could be a while


Hi AnisaFudge,

I think it means that we now have to choose a new competency area from the ones listed. You will still be at the same stage of the process. Please confirm when you have received a response.


Hi Odin,

Did you receive an email as well? I am wondering if there are so many at the final interview stage waiting that there would not be any room for anybody else at an earlier stage.


Hi jlwimp,

I did. I am currently trying to confirm this query. It sounds like the Customer competency area may not be opening at all this year.


Oh I see. I still have not received this email… really strange.


Tried to call no answer :frowning:


Same here. Jlwimp, I wonder why you are you to receive the email. They may be sent out in batches.


I got a hold of them on the phone, they are not accepting for customer or strategy, so you would just need to change your service line


so no applications this year to customer?


That’s what they told me, neither customer nor strategy service lines are open this year. You should be able to transfer the application to another, that’s what I did


As Jlwimp mentioned we are able to transfer to another consulting competency area. Strategy is open too however if this is your chosen option you would have to start from the very beginning because the process and the benchmarks differ slightly.