Deloitte Competency Interview


hi guys, hope you can help me.
I’ve got a competency based interview coming up with Deloitte for next summer’s internships. I have looked at the key competencies. I am wondering how long should my answers be for each question? What is the best way to structure it? Can anyone give me an example? Thank you very much! Any tips?!


Have a look at the article on [[competency based questions]]. Look at the sections on answering competency questions - in particular the STAR method. If you need any more advice than this, pop the actual questions up on this thread and I’m sure you’ll get some hints and tips!

Good luck!


hi, thank you.
i’ve got a question like ‘Give me an example when you communicate effectively with others?’
how should i structure the question and how long should it be?

thank you


See this article on [[Communication]].

Think about a time in your life when you have communicated well with others. Have you ever been involved in a project where you have had to communicate with other people - perhaps in a work environment or at university? Perhaps you have coached, lead or discussed issues with other people to achieve an objective?

Give an example from your life, explain how you communicated successfully and what you achieved by doing so. Follow the STAR technique discussed on [[competency based questions]] to structure your answer.

Actually, also have a look at [[common interview questions]] - there’s a section on competency questions and answering them on that article too. Good luck!


Thank you very much!


No problem! …no need to thank me - just tell your friends to come to WikiJob :slight_smile:


Hi, I have my competency interview coming up . Can anyone share some unexpected/unusual questions they had?

Many thanks


Hey graduate20100 have you had your interview?


All those preparing for their competency interview with Deloitte search ‘competency interview explained’ on e-Bay it helped me so much and managed to secure me the role with them this upcoming year. Good luck.