Deloitte Competency Interview Stages


Hi all,

I’m applying for a regional Deloitte office to do auditing and have so far been through the following stages:
(1) Online verbal test
(2) Online numerical test
(3) E-tray exercise (at assessment centre)
(4) Recommendation of choice out of Zambezi Online, Avalon Book Club and Tarrini Books (at assessment centre)

These were all relatively straightforward and I have just been emailed the following:

"Thank you for attending your recent E-tray Assessment day. I am delighted to advise that you have been successful and we would now like to invite you to the next stage of our recruitment process.

As part of our standard process, this will be a first round competency based interview with a manager in the service line and office you have applied to. However, at certain times of the year, we will also be holding fast-track interview days and we will inform you if this option is available when arranging your interview. A member of our graduate recruitment team, responsible for the office and service line you have applied to, will be in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps."

The competencies are listed as follows:
(1) Communication
(2) Achievement of goals
(3) Commercial awareness
(4) Career motivation
(5) Planning and organisation skills
(6) Adaptability
(7) Problem solving

My question is which of these are likely to be asked in the first interview as opposed to the second/partner interview? I have heard that there are likely to be two questions per competency and if so does anyone who has been through the 2012 process recall what the questions are/were?

Many thanks and good luck everyone!


The questions that I think have been asked are:

• Time when you had to give a presentation
• Time you had to work in a team

Planning and Organising
• Time when you had to plan for something
• Time you had to organise something

Problem Solving
• When you had to make a decision
• When you had to solve a problem

Achievement of Goals
• When have you achieved a goal

Career Motivation
• Why Deloitte?
• Why audit?
• Tell me about the ACA

Can anyone confirm if these questions are asked? Are there any others? What about commercial awareness? Were there any unpleasant surprises!?