Deloitte Competency Based Interview


Hi I’m having a competency based interview with Deloitte soon.
I’ve had internship experiences in PwC and KPMG before. Should I use experiences in those internships for my answers to the competency questions? Or should I avoid them as they’re rival firms of Deloitte?


i talked about how banks going bust cos their auditors weren’t so efficient! = need to be more efficient. and expanded on that obviously.


Also, another thing I need help on is information about Deloitte.
What challenges is Deloitte facing at the moment?
How is Deloitte doing comparing to their main competitors?
Any ideas?


any help on my questions?


I think you should use your experience at other big four as examples to answer those competency questions. But just keep in mind that don’t reveal confidential information. I think prior experience at other big four companies will be a great advantage to you over your competitors, because you already had a taste of this type of firms. And I am sure interviewer at Deloitte will be curious to know how you did at their rivals. It’s also possible that the manager who will interview you are from other big four as well. ^^


thanks a lot freem18e!


I agree, it’s a pretty strong point that you’ve had experience in a big 4 firm before. i certainly plan on talking about it at some point, myself. only thing i’m worried about is if they ask why it was that i didn’t apply to deloitte for work experience instead!