Deloitte Competencies


Hi, I currently have these as a list of Deloitte competencies

Our competencies
Our selection criteria allows us to identify the people most likely to thrive in our business environment. Below are some examples of the competencies that you will need to demonstrate:

Communication - You are expressive, clear and concise and have the ability to quickly form relationships with others in a variety of situations.

Achievement of goals - You show the persistence and energy required to meet or exceed your objectives and well-defined goals and respond well to pressure.

Commercial awareness - You have an interest in business and the knowledge of what a career in a professional services firm involves.

Adaptability - You are positive in the face of change and resourceful in responding to major changes.

Problem solving - You can analyse, distil and solve practical problems, generate new ideas and make sound judgements in complex situations. You have been successful at motivating others towards a particular course of action.

Organisational skills - You take responsibility for the completion of tasks and ensure that detail is not overlooked when involved in a project. You will also have good time management skills and will be able to prioritise tasks effectively.

I just wanted confirmation that this list was current and exhaustive as I have my competency based interview coming up!