Deloitte Career Switch



I recently had an interview with Deloitte and got a place with them in Audit Financial Services. I just wanted to know certain things before I can take up the offer.

  1. Is it possible to move to corporate finance from audit during the three year training contract? Or afterwards?
  2. After completing the ACA qualification, what are the chances of securing a job in Investment Banking. Has anyone heard of someone taking a path into Banking via Audit?
  1. Generally no within the 3 years. Afterwards more chances depending on need in that dept.
  2. Yes but mostly BO and MO jobs, not much FO

I don’t believe that’s strictly true. If you pass all your ACA exams first time then you’ve got a reasonable chance of getting front office jobs in IBD (M&A) or in Equity Research roles. Both of those roles require competency in understanding the preparation and reporting of financial statements - particularly in the nuances of IFRS. There are few other places where you can get such familiarity.


Also is it worth it to do a masters in finance and try applying for jobs for 2010 entry or pursue audit at a big 4 firm and do the aca qualification after which i can try moving to banking may be m&a. also would the change be goo din terms of salary? As in I do not mind starting off in audit but cannot remain there for the rest of my life.