Deloitte BrightStart Scheme


I have noticed there isn’t a topic on this scheme yet so thought I would start one.

I have an AC coming up soon and wondered how it has went for everyone, e.g the partner interview?

Also has anyone been offered a place and where about if so?


hiii…what office did you apply to and what service line?


Ive been offered a position in Audit in Edinburgh. What office have you applied for?


Well Done!!
I’ve got an Assessment Day at Birmingham for Audit.
Is the Assessment Day hard?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Its ok as long as you just enjoy it and try not be too nervous. The etray there are no wrong answers but there are better ones so just be careful to read all the info correctly. For the written I would just give as much info as possible including knowledge you already have which might not be in the info (e.g market trends). Then the partner interview I would just justify why you chose to purchase the specific company and use example if possible. Prepare commercial awareness questions as well as all the competencies again too. Just enjoy it and im sure you will get it. Good Luck!


ohhhhhhh…thank you soo much :slight_smile:
for the written do you give the advantages and disadvantages and then basically summarise?

Also, when do you start? and do you have any idea about the salary etc?


Sorry for taking ages to reply :L been on holiday.

How did you get on?

I think i start the 9th september. Also salaries are roughly 15k in regional offices, bit more in London.


just wondering do think they will accept a graduate onto this scheme who got a 2.2 in mathematics at the university of nottingham?