Deloitte BPRC AC


Hi guys.

I have my assessment center with Deloitte on the 23rd of May. I just wanted to see if any one has applied to this particular service line and if they have any pointers about the assessment day.

Just wanted to know how the E-tray exercises work, but more importantly how can I find about the latest developments affecting the BPRC service line? (more like where can I find some commercial awareness stuff about this service line)

Finally, the sort of questions that I can expect the partner to ask me.

thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Assad,

I hope your AC went well and that you’re made it through. I’ve also got my AC coming up soon for BPRC, and am finding myself in the same situation you must have been in last month with not many people around able to help! So I was wondering if you could maybe share your experience with me? I’ve read through pretty much all the threads on the Deloitte audit AC so I think I have a fair idea of what to expect, but I was wondering if there’s anything specific to BPRC you could tell me?

Many thanks in advance, all the best :slight_smile:


Right buddy congratulations firstly. Secondly I didn’t make it! But I am more than happy to share my experience. To start with the E-tray if you want move the start menu bar so it is vertical, open all the folders so you can easily read the title for each of the folders. The e-tray is very simple ad straight forward (its always about trafford lea).At times you are told which folder to look into to get the information as well. So don’t full at all about the e-tray it should be very simple.

The written bit is demanding as you have 50 mins to give a choice as to which company out of the three Trafford Lea should buy to boost their business. The best thing would be to conduct a SWOT analysis for 10 mins. I gave adv and disadv for each of the 3 companies (3 each) and then gave my reasoning for the company I chose. There is not right answer, so you can pretty much prove either of the three companies are okay as long as you have a sound reasoning. Give your self 7 mins in the end to make notes of what you have written.

The interview (this is apparently where I messed up according to the feed back, although it was a shock to me). I wasn’t asked much about my choice in the written part, just why I choose it. There were no competency or commercial awareness questions either. Just why I am applying to this job coz i come from an engineering back ground and why i choose to study Sheffield to study.

Hope that helped you and if you want any more help just give me a shout. Good luck with the interview! :slight_smile: