Deloitte Audit starting salary for 2012 grad scheme


Does anyone know what it is (non-London)?



2011 was £21k in my regional office. Depends on the office though, the ones closer to London (e.g. Reading) start on £28k i think.


What’s yours, if you don’t mind me asking? I guess progression after that is pretty quick?

Seems like a big difference just because of London area!


(By yours I mean which regional office, not your exact salary haha!)


hi everyone…recently been made an offer from del and the salary they are offering is the same as that it was last year for the same service line??? can someone please advise do they negotiate or not??has anyone had such experience? is everyone’s salary the same as that it was last year or not??also what figure are they quoting to different people? (just to get a rough idea…cause i feel they are giving less to me).21k mentioned is for which office?? please advise…i have to accept or decline in 5 days…!!!