Deloitte | Audit @St Albans Fast Track help


I have been invited to attend a Fast Track event at Deloitte at St Albans in a few weeks’ time and have a few questions regarding it.

My application was originally for the London office, however, since all the vacancies got filled I was given the option of redirecting my application to the office in St Albans, which I accepted.

In the confirmation email I was told to prepare reasons for my motivation to work at that particular office, however, I am not entirely sure how to prepare for this. Are reasons such as liking the area/environment relevant? I also imagine they will be informed of the fact that I had originally intended to join the London office, could this be a setback?

Also, I was not told whether my application was for a position in Corporate or Public Sector audit (which are the two service lines within Audit that the office offers services in) even though I have completed the service line questionnaire (while my application was for the London office.) Is this normal for applicants applying to the St Albans office?

Any insight will be much appreciated!!:slight_smile:



I too been invited to attend a fast tract event at Deloitte at St Albans. When have you been invited?

I had initially applied to the London office and had my application transferred to St. Albans office. With regards to your motivation to work in that particular office, I think they want to make sure that you would be willing to travel to that office.

How are you doing with your preparing for the assessment?



Hey smhs1234,

I have been invited to attend the event on Thursday 21 March, how about you? Although I think ours are on the same day as their website only indicates one day (IIRC) for the fast track event at that office:)

Thanks for the advice!

I don’t believe I have any assessments to complete on that day since I’m applying for audit. I’ve only got to complete the first (competency) based interview, followed by a partner interview. For the interviews I’m preparing some solid examples to give for the competency based questions and really working on ways to convey my career motivation and knowledge of the industry (reading through their website and catching up on news BBC/FT/Accountancy Age daily).

Which service line did you apply for? How’s your prep going?

All the best:)


Hey there,

I have been invited to attend the same event as you on Thursday 21st. I am also applying for audit however as far as I am aware we are required to prep a presentation as part of the partner interview.

I havent yet began my preparation but it is just a competency based interview and I have heard that for commercial awareness questions, the main area they will test us is on the challenges that Deloitte are currently facing.

Do you know how many people they may have invited to the event and what are our chances of securing a position given that the event is held towards the end of march?



Oh sorry, when you said assessment I automatically assumed something like a written/group exercise! But yes, you’re right:)

The presentation is quite short so I think you still have plenty of time to prepare. I managed to collect all the info for mine over a couple of days, putting it together took about another day (doesn’t need to be intensive since I did all of that while preparing for an interview this coming week (which is why I did it in advance)).

I’m not too sure about the number of people attending the event, however, I think they’re still looking for more candidates. I do, however, believe that at this point it’s not so much a competition against others, but more about whether you fit their criteria - meaning our chances depend wholly (I THINK) on our suitability for the role:) and I have a feeling that the reason the event has been held off till the end of March might be to do with the fact that the partners have been extremely busy (due to busy season).

Kind regards


Hi ojamuniku

My application is now on hold but I would like to prepare for the presentation in advance. I also apply for audit. Could you kindly share the topic of your presentation with me?

Good luck with your fast track day!!


Hey ojam,

How was the assessment? I hope you got the job :slight_smile: