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Hi guys,

i know this question might be hard to answer but i would thought i would try to get a few opinions anyway. Last year i applied to deloitte to do audit in a regional office and got the job. For a long time i thought that audit would be a good introduction to the business world and would be interesting and exciting. I also believed it would provide a platform for a prosperous business career.

However, as time has passed and now on a gap year my impression of audit has changed. In fact, i have increasingly come to believe that my careers aims and passion for business might be better served if i pursued a consulting career. Do you think its possible that i could switch schemes within deloitte? Do you think i should apply to other consultancy’s? Or do you think i should continue with audit and is it possible then to switch to more general business and consulting roles later on?

any advice would be very much appreciated.


Hi there, for what it’s worth I thought I’d give you my opinion. I think if you know already that you would rather be in Consulting at this point in time then it is well worth following that path.

Audit and Consulting are very different both in terms of the actual work and the type of person that is suited to it. So a lot of thought needs to go into what kind of work you would like to do, what kind of skills you have and ultimately where you would like your career to go.

Audit will involve you doing the ACA which is quite challenging and requires a lot of dedication and commitment so if your heart is not in both the qualification and role then it will be a struggle.

There are still vacancies available in Consulting at Deloitte (I have just recently accepted an offer) so perhaps it might be a good idea to look at the website although if you did want to switch to Consulting you may have to take a group exercise which is part of the Consulting assessment (although this depends on whether there are enough candidates on the day).

I hope that helps a little I’m a firm believer in following your instinct so if you are already getting the feeling that audit is not for you then I would change now if possible. Choosing audit now and then moving to consulting later on seems a little long winded if you know that’s not what you ultimately want to do. Moreover, you will have to justify why you are making the move and perhaps retrain. For example, Consulting at Deloitte requires you to do the foundational CIMA not the ACA.


Thank you so much for your reply, i really appreciate it. After even more deliberating im still not sure what to fo but, if its ok, do you mind if i ask a couple of more questions. Firstly what do you believe are the different skills needed for consulting and audit and what ‘type’ of person would be suited to each (i know this is hard to answer but any rough idea would be great). Also do you think deloitte would let me switch or would i have to go through the whole application process again?

Thanks again


Hi there, sorry for delay as have been away. Audit and Consulting involve very different types of work. Audit is accountancy so would naturally suit someone who is very numerate, detail oriented and has an eye for numbers. The hours are long and the interaction with clients would be more limited. Consulting on the other hand is about strategy and ideas, looking at the bigger picture. Communication and soft skills are really important in this kind of field as you’ll have lots of contact with clients. The exact competencies required would vary depending on the kind of field you specialise in but I hope that gives you more of an idea.

It sounds like you should do a little more research into the types of roles. Have a look on the net in terms of job descriptions etc and even other blogs which give you job specifications and may help you to make your decision.

Deloitte may let you switch so I would advise you to contact your HR contact but make sure you have strong reasons for switching otherwise it won’t look favourably on you.

Good luck!


Summerlover- you mentioned that you’ve recently joined Deloitte. Was this in Consulting? I have my assessment day at Deloitte coming up (experienced hire) and was wondering if you could shed some light on the process. Thanks.


Yes it was in consulting. There are loads of posts about the assessment centre etc on this site jus run a search and lots of threads will pop up. The process is the same as audit except you may have to do a group exercise. I didn’t have to do this as there weren’t enough candidates so wouldn’t be able to help on that aspect.

Good luck!


Just to add that I joined the grad scheme so not sure if the assessment process would be the same for experienced hire.



Summerlover-thanks a lot for your help and time.


hi all, there are no more positions left in consulting 2010, i dont know where did u guys see them???


Hey Everyone,

I really Need help from professionals. I am a fresh graduate with a MSc degree in Finance and Investment. It has been 6 month searching for a job in my field. However, all vacancies seem to require either professional experience , or its different from my study path. Meanwhile, I got a job offer from Deloitte for a Audit assistant position. I have some questions whereby I need your help and tips:

  1. I am wondering is it wrong to start such a career in Auditing while I am mainly focused on Finance on the long run? 2) Is it possible to shift from auditor to consultant when a vacancy sheds light at Deloitte ? Will they accept such a request ? 3) Will I be able to apply for a financial analyst position or a Consultant position later on in different organization? Will they consider Auditing experience as a relative experience to their job vacancy.